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I can't stand the wait anymore!!! UPDATE

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16-Oct-08 2:09 pm

I have 6 FRER tests staring me in the face and I wish I could just POAS and see the BFN and get over it!!!  I can't stand waiting anymore but I know I need to wait.  I don't want to hear the its still early thing so I am hoping I can wait 6 more days!  I think I will probably POAS on Saturday though because that would be 8dpo.  People get positives at 8dpo right!!  LOL!!  I should probably wait until 9 or 10 dpo so and knowing myself I will chicken out and will wait.  To pass the time I have been designing my nursery on my computer! Happy ROFL

I am going insane over here though!!!!!


. ETA it was a BFN today but it is still rearlly early. It did satisfy my urge and I don't need to POAS for a few days now. Hopefully the cramping will stay and we will see what happens in a few days!



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16-Oct-08 2:13 pm

I hope you see 2 lines on saturday!!!!!!!!! try not to go crazy until then! Happy Wink

good luck! Good Luck Clover

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16-Oct-08 2:17 pm

Oh I know!!!  I sounded like Monica from Friends when I just said that in my head LOL!!

I have been so crampy and that is totally not normal for me!  I hate that I have gotten myself so excited though because when you don't get excited the BFN's are way easier to deal with.  Well at least the last 9 were!!!

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16-Oct-08 2:26 pm

I have been thinking of you and when you are going tp poas! Cant wait to see what you get on saturday - i am praying hard for your BFP!!! Love Ya!

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16-Oct-08 2:28 pm

 I was just now counting up the days for you and wondering when you could test!   I can't wait for you to see that BFP!!!


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16-Oct-08 2:32 pm

Fingers crossed for you....if you can stand it, wait until at least 10-11 dpo.   You could very easily have a false negative before then.


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16-Oct-08 2:38 pm

Good Luck Clover i have a really good feeling you will see your BFP this month. if not at least you can relay on the fact that you are now working with the R.E, and he has a plan for your next month..

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16-Oct-08 2:54 pm

 I was just now counting up the days for you and wondering when you could test!

That is so crazy!!!  How funny!

I will hopefully be able to wait but I just have feeling I will want to POAS early.  I guess at least I would know that is early if I do get a BFN.  If it doesn't feel good to see a BFN on Saturday then I probably will wait awhile after that.  I chicken out way to easy LOL!

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16-Oct-08 3:01 pm
hey I did that!! remember!!! I got a fakie evap whatever you wanna call it... then waited like a week till one random night I got the courage!!! I hope you have the same outcome!

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16-Oct-08 3:24 pm

LOL... I'm Praying for you girl!  Look, I'll POAS for you and you can take a look at my BFNs to pass your time... that way when you get the the day you actually want to test and see that BFP we'll all do the happy dance then.  Sounds like a plan?  Happy  LOL

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16-Oct-08 3:29 pm

I know its hard but I say wait as long as you can...seeing those BFN's is such a dissappointment...and waiting and questioning a faint line sucks too...hold out as long as you can so hopefully you will see a nice dark line!!!

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16-Oct-08 3:45 pm

 All you girls that say wait are totally right!  I know I will probably chicken out but I haven't wanted to POAS for a long time.Happy ROFL

I was spoiled and I got to see BFP's right after I O'ed because of the trigger shot so now I am dying to see another one!


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16-Oct-08 4:34 pm

I am still chart stalking you! Cool LOL I am PRAYING for you, I cant wait to read your BIG announcment!

My doctor just moved to Nebraska too by the way. He is awsome!

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16-Oct-08 4:49 pm

 come know you are an love the go ahead and pee...pee to your hearts content...i give you permissionDevil

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16-Oct-08 5:27 pm

Pray lots and lots of Pray and Good Luck Clover for you this week... I sure hope this is your month... You so deserve it to be your turn hun!!

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