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What will happen after the MicroSort clinical trial ends?

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9-Mar-07 7:21 am
I'll break the ice with a question I see asked a lot!!  What will happen when the clinical trial is complete?  There is a lot of worry about this for women who aren't planning to do MicroSort until a year or two in the future.  Many are worried that MicroSort will "shut down" while the FDA reviews the outcome. 
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Daniel Potter

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9-Mar-07 10:19 am

Hi Maureen,

The FDA has approved an extension of the clinical trial beyond the original number patients allotted.  We expect that this will be adequate to allow uninterrupted access to MicroSort during the FDA review process.  Continued access once the FDA review process is completed, of course, depends on the FDA’s final decision regarding this investigational device.

Dr. Potter

Dr. Daniel Potter, MD, FACOG Huntington Reproductive Center
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