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so confused re

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9-Oct-08 4:33 pm

Hi all

I am "ilovepink" and had a chemical pregnancy in Aug from PGD. Of course devastated but just now getting back into the gender selection research again. The whole PGD/IVF experience for me was not pleasant-I gained weight, was in a lot of pain from the hormones, irritable, not to mention the enormous expense. I can't imagine doing it again though I know it is the only 100% way of getting the baby girl of my dreams. We have 2 lovely boys but I always ache for pink. My husband too.

So.. I stumbled across when googling gender selection and it seems that so many testimonials point to it working for them on the crucial dates they are provided. Do you think those are BOGUS ? Does anyone know an actual person who used that method and succeeded ? I am waiting for my ph kit so we can try in Nov or Dec. Sometimes I think maybe I should get a refund right now. SO confusing !

I have started following a more acidic diet to get things moving. thanks for listening and would love your feedback !



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9-Oct-08 5:08 pm

Do you think those are BOGUS ?

In a word - YES.  I personally think that any of the "kits" you can buy online to "choose" the sex of your baby are going to be a big disappointment more times than not.  I don't feel like you can trust internet testimonials for anything - from an at-home business to choosing your baby's gender.  If you REALLY look, read, and study the at-home swaying and extreme gender swaying here on the boards, I feel you've got just as good a chance (if not better) than buying a ridiculously expensive kit full of empty promises.

I know how negative my post sounds, but after 2+ years here... I just don't see successes with these things.

Good luck.Good Luck Clover



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9-Oct-08 5:28 pm

If you do a search on this topic you'll find heaps on information about this site saying that its a scam...

Good Luck with your journey to concieve your desired gender

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9-Oct-08 6:46 pm

Hi, I purchased the dates and supplements for TTC a boy!  I concieved in May of 08.. and just found out awhile ago that we are expecting our 3rd girl!! I am so dissapointed!  All the work of dieting and supplements!! It may work better for a girl... my friend changed her diet to acidic, and had her girl after 3 boys a couple days ago!!  I wouldn't trust it though!! I am going to see if I can get my money back, because they say they guarantee it!!  Good Luck in getting your girl!! 

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9-Oct-08 8:25 pm

Good luck in getting your money back from this company.  I think internet companies that guarantee you success are a scam too but have seen for myself those which seem to offer way more than that, because of age I can't really sway anymore [:'(] but if I could I would go to one in particular that appears to offer a great deal of advice and support, which I think is so important when trying to gender sway.

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