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Loss for girl names

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30-Sep-08 1:38 pm

So I am finally having a little girl with a little help from IVF/PGD after 2 boys and you would think I have a name picked out but I don't!! I like these






and I am open to names I haven't thought of.  I need help!!


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30-Sep-08 3:02 pm

From your list I love the name Reese.  Ella is cute too.  What are your boys names?  I'd look for something that flows with their names.  I think if we have a girl this time (fingers crossed LOL) I'd like to name her Lillian. 

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30-Sep-08 3:15 pm

OK I am bias, my name is Ashley, so that would be a lovely name for your baby girl!  I like my name, but growing up I hated it because it was so common that I was never Ashley, I was always Ashley M. in school because there was at least 2 of us, in 4th or 5th grade there were 5 Ashley's in the same class!

Anyway, I also ADORE the name Kendall and Reese is very cute. 


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30-Sep-08 3:42 pm

Ella is beautiful!

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30-Sep-08 3:48 pm

I think they are all pretty choices, but I like Kendall and Reese best because they aren't as common. Have you thought of middle names at all? I am passing my middle name (also my moms) onto dd (Delila Marie)

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30-Sep-08 7:00 pm

My boys names are Connor and Matthew.  For a middle name I will pick Reese if it is not the first name

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30-Sep-08 7:45 pm

 my 4 girlsnames are scarlett olivia betty-may and lily ...i also liked violette- sofia -vivian-victoria-

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30-Sep-08 8:28 pm

I like Ella Reese.

Hannah Reese would be my next choice. 

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30-Sep-08 8:35 pm

I agree with the previous poster.  Ella and/or Reese!

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30-Sep-08 9:40 pm
I love Reese, it is DD1's middle name. I also love Kendall and it was on my list for DD2, but DH doesn't like it. I really wanted to name DD2 Sadie, which was also my great grandmother's name but my sister and I are both pregnant with girls due ONE day apart (me 2/20 and her 2/19) and she also loved the name, so we both decided to forgo :(...great name IMO though I also like Bailey, Quinn, Olivia, Cameron, Campbell and Sophie (my current # 1 for DD2)....Good luck and have fun picking out your DD's name!
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30-Sep-08 10:52 pm


I think they are all cute, here are some fav's 

Isabella Reese (ella for short)

Kendall Reese

Camille Reese (cami for short)

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3-Oct-08 8:58 pm

I like Ella!! Or Evalie if you're going for E' But I'm not good with girl names. I only had ONE picked for mine if I was ever blessed with her and I couldn't be happier with it.

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5-Oct-08 9:37 pm

I think that I have almost decided on Kendahl Reese but I am not telling anyone including my husband!

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