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Dialation Question


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30-Sep-08 9:13 am

I saw my doc yesterday. She says I am 4.5cm (extremely stretchy) dialated and 80% effaced. She doesn't think I will make it to my next appoint next week but says IF I do she suspects I will be 5.5cm Dialated since I seem to dialate 1cm a week. At that point she might admit me out of fear I wont make it to the hospital in time lol I am hoping that was a joke on her part! They cant/wont induce me because I had a previous c-section (with my first DS). So I just have to wait until things start up on their own.

My question is, do any of you know what would happen if I do reach 5.5cm and still not in labor? Has any of you experienced this before? I am not sure what to think right now. I am suprised they cant just give me a little pitocin to start it if I dont actually start labor by next week. At the rate I am going if I wait until my due date I should be like 7.5cm dialted....weird.....

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