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Stereotypes again?

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28-Sep-08 2:27 am

Maybe her girls are just ugly Devil, ok, I'm sure they're not. I think the boy comment was un-called for, but I'll bet she had no idea what she was saying. I always imagined Sweden as a paradise of egalitarian high thinkers. But, it seems you have some of the same issues with putting girls on a pedestal given the comments you get...I definitely would have noticed that comment and it would have bugged me-- but I have some GD-colored glasses, too! Look, your friend doesn't have boys so maybe she really doesn't know that people out there in the world actually stop us on the street to tell us how beautiful/cute our boys are. I know I get lots of comments like that, although they are slowing down for my older son now that he is no longer a baby. (He is gorgeous, though, and I often think people should be making more comments than they do, LOL). I'm tired too, though not from a night of fun, so I'm probably not making sense...Just know, I empathize. I think we're in the same place with this GD-- trying to figure out why having boys is made to be such a scourge. Just know, you're doing so very well and have basically conquered your demons...maybe it will help you just to see her as unaware and missing out on the joys of boys (which she is).

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