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So many of us (by Kris)

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5-Jul-05 8:00 pm
Wow - I can't believe how many of us are out there!! I had my ultrasound at 16 weeks, and although I was 110% sure it was a girl at the time, now I've read some things and seen some other u/s pics that have me second-guessing things!! I'm telling myself on one hand to just accept that it's a girl and get on with things, and on the other I'm saying that it COULD have been wrong...........AUGH!!
We found out with my second & third that we were having girls...It was so fun to find a name and talk to 'her' and stuff before she was born. My girls have already been coloring pictures for the new baby....!!
For me too, it's not that I am obsessed w/ boy stuff, and look at boy clothes and wish I had a little guy to go in them, it's just that I am sick of the 'girly' stuff!! Along with the emotions, whining, blaming that comes with it! I love my girls too, but I want a boy to 'relax' with this time around!
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