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19week ultrasound boy or girl-charliecats or other techs

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9-Sep-08 2:41 pm

what is the sex please is the 3 lines to the right the cord?

Full-size image



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9-Sep-08 2:50 pm

I'm not a tech but I just had an u/s and the lady was very detailed w/ me.  She showed me the cord and 3 lines and she said 2 are arteries and 1 vein.....I would guess that you got a boy in there!


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9-Sep-08 2:53 pm

That looks like a boy to me!

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9-Sep-08 3:01 pm

wow your little man sure isn't shy is he! CONGRATS!

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9-Sep-08 3:37 pm


what is the sex please is the 3 lines to the right the cord?

I am not a tech, but you've got yourself a boy! Baby Bear Boy

The three lines to the right are most likely the cord.  When I had my ultrasound done the tech showed me how cord can make a 3 line appearance and discussed how it can be tricky to determine gender when the cord is in the way.  The penis can image as 3 lines as well.  I've heard lots of different things can image as 3 lines, which is interesting!

The cord is not in the way in your pic though.  Looks all boy to me!  Congrats to you!

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9-Sep-08 3:41 pm

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9-Sep-08 4:02 pm

That is def. a BOY

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9-Sep-08 4:38 pm

I'd say boy :o)

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9-Sep-08 6:18 pm

I think Baby Boy

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9-Sep-08 6:45 pm

Baby Boy and i would say the lines are cord. I have cord in one of my pics and it looks just like that.

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9-Sep-08 6:53 pm

I'm no tech, but your U/S pic looks like you got yourself a little man in there.

Congratulations! Happy Smile



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9-Sep-08 7:32 pm

Oh BOY oh BOY!


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9-Sep-08 7:57 pm

Baby Bear Boy

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9-Sep-08 8:00 pm


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9-Sep-08 8:14 pm

Great boy shot! Congrats!!

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