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Love all the girly things ................GD warning


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7-Sep-08 1:38 am

about having a DDHeart

today I made 4 new hair bows and its just so much fun putting them on her Happy  LOL

I LOVE Halloween! I can't wait for DD's fist time in the pumpkin patch and wearing a costume.

Full-size image


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7-Sep-08 1:49 am

She's a cutie, for sure!!!!  Where'd you get the pumpkins so I can make some?


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7-Sep-08 1:58 am


She's a cutie, for sure!!!!  Where'd you get the pumpkins so I can make some?

at Target, they are meant for scrapbooking LOL


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7-Sep-08 7:18 am

Those are adorable!  She is such a cutie pie!

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7-Sep-08 3:37 pm

I am loving making hairbows, too!  Putting them on dd is the best; and giving them as gifts, too!  Sophie is adorable; as always.  The perfect model for the hairclips!

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7-Sep-08 9:24 pm

How cute!  You did a great job making the clips!  Do you mind sharing how you made them?

 Your dd is a CUTIE!


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7-Sep-08 9:34 pm

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9-Sep-08 6:31 pm

Your baby girl is a DOLL! She is SO cute.

About hte bows...they are too cute!




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11-Sep-08 9:04 pm

Your so lucky she has hair,  I have a Sophie too, born about a month or so after yours, but she doesn't have any hair.  I'm stuck using tiny ribbon and corn syrup to get something on her bald head!


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16-Sep-08 12:55 am

 She is a doll !!!

Great job on the hair bows!!! 

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16-Sep-08 3:46 am
It’s hard for me to notice the bows on such a gorgeous little girlHearts She is such a cutie!!! Look at those eyes!! Good job on the bowsAgree

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