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Vitex and miscarriage?

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30-Aug-08 12:47 am

I started 800mg of Vitex and 100mg of B6 last cycle and my luteal phase went from 9 days to 11 days so I was really happy about that.  

I have noticed thought that it has made me really grouchy.  Years ago I was on a progesterone only pill and it sent me crazy with bad moods and sadness.  As soon as I stopped taking it the moods went away.  Since I have been on Vitex I have noticed the same thing, although not quite as bad as before.  I am usually a really happy-go-lucky person so I think that my body just does not like too much progesterone.  I will however endure anything to get my DD!!!


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ITS A GIRL!!!!  Baby Girl Liliana Sofia was born May 7th 2009 and I am deliriously happy!  Thanks sooo much to IG!!!!!