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This is MY year!!!

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25-Aug-08 10:23 am

Hi All,

I've never posted in this forum before because there was nothing I felt I could contribute....

Then suddenly, at the beginning of August, I started to feel the need (almost obsessive!!!) to clean/declutter/decorate and overall, reclaim my house. 

Last year, my three boys went off to school full time and although I thought THAT would have been my year, I was underestimating the whole "having a new baby in the house" ordeal!!! I managed to finish decorating her room and maintain (somewhat!!) order in the house.  But this year, (I always feel like it's a NEW year in September!!! Forget January resolutions!!! lol) I'm "reclaiming" the house.  I am not letting the kids dictate the level of cleanliness anymore!!!  I figure if I can get a grip on this while they are at school, my weekends and evenings will be available for the quality time they need and I'll be a happier mom for it!  I also am sick of not having people over 'cause of the state of my home.  There's a lot I want to accomplish and I'm starting to make lists!!! LONG lists!!! ...there's painting, cleaning in the deep dark corners, decorating (actually spending $$ on things that make my house look pretty!!!) and finding a place for everything. 

I started last week by buying new dishes (had had the same everyday dishes since we got married 13 years ago!!!).  So went I went to put them in the cupboard, it led to a "decluttering" and organizing - sent two boxes of kitchen stuff to the good will and now have nicely organized kitchen cupboards and I actually have two empty cupboards!!! YAY

This morning I took off the oven door, to my screwdriver to it and took it all apart to get to the inside of the glass which was getting filthy.  I didn't know this could be done, but I'm glad I tried it!!! it looks new!

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty pumped!

This is MY YEAR!!! Anyone in????

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25-Aug-08 11:48 am

Oh my gosh you are on a roll girl!!!  KEEP GOING!!!  Once you start don't stop until you feel complete.  I actually start to declutter and get rid of stuff and then I go back and clean.  Sometimes I feel like I can't clean because there is too much stuff everywhere so I declutter that particular room and then go back and clean.

I had no idea you could clean the inside of oven glass either!  You sound like you have a great plan!  I would join you but we are not moving into our new house until Sept 5th.  Once I unpack I will be making trips to the Good Will as well just to get rid of stuff I really don't need.  We had movers pack up our house so I didn't get to chuck stuff when we moved so I am looking forward to that when I unpack!  LOL!! 

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25-Aug-08 1:08 pm

I still have some places to attack.  But this past week with my parents coming in and Frankie's BIg 5 yr. old bday party.  I got alot of decluttering done!!   It feels so great to do it!!

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29-Aug-08 3:53 pm

I am in but my dd is still only 4 mths & she doesn't share my enthusiasm! We have just had a holiday & both me & dh have come home determined to get this ship in shape! We ahve lots of decorating we want to do & I have to rearrange the boys room so dd can have a room (which will need to be pink of course!) I would also like to get help for a couple of hours a week so I don't spend my saturdays cleaning bathrooms inbetween Hopes feeds. It is hard to find anyone though.

I also find lists work well as ticking off the jobs done is really satisfying!

I read on another thread how organised everyone else is & metaphorically hid in the corner!


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2-Sep-08 6:42 pm


I read on another thread how organised everyone else is & metaphorically hid in the corner!

Happy ROFLEmbarrassed

Me too!!!! ...but I've decided that I can no longer live like this and hide.  I would really like to be able to open the door when people unexpectedly drop by!!! and not hide - literally!!!!Happy Wink 

Today being the first day of school, I was able to run some errands and was very proud of myself for not sitting at the computer for more than 10 minutes.  I did my quiet time with God (which has not been consistent at all!!!) and then I got to work.  I moved two couches and cleaned under and behind, I also vaccuumed the whole main floor and did three loads of laundry, folded and put them away.  I bought some 12inchx12inch mirror tiles and tomorrow I'm putting them up in a grid on the dining room wall....

I'm doing it!!! I've lived under my rock for too long!!! 

My baby is now almost one!!! She's getting into everything!!! I've made lists of things I can do while she's awake and around, like cleaning out cupboards, washing windows, dusting, etc....There are things that I can't do while she is awake like paint, vaccuum, clean bathrooms.  Those I save for nap time...I'm counting on her taking two naps a day for a long time - I hope she's planning that too!!

I've also decided, and am committed to doing 1hr and 15 mins of house cleaning everyday.  Not much, but enough that if I'm consistent, my house will always stay clean....that's my plan!!!

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