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Time for o+12 but dh wont be around?? (for ttc a girl) New tip thanks to a poster!!!

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21-Aug-08 10:53 am

Ok this poster was so smart.  She combined the old thread/theory about the jar study with her dh not being home for o+12.  Here is this GREAT tip...

is your dh not going to be around for o+12?  Then have him give a sample!  Place that sample in a covered container (not plastic) in a humid bathroom- this sample will live up to 4 hours.  OR

You place sample in a container and store it in your bra.. this can live up to 12 hours!!

You TBM when you need to with this.  But you are also using the jar study which was said to favor girls anyway.  For a jar you can use a tiny baby food glass jar that is clean.



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