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Bras and panties!

Here we(may) go again!!

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18-Aug-08 3:57 pm

Congrats on your preg, Lily!1

On the bra thing, I have used shop own brands in my previous pregnancies.  This time, I saw an on-line ad for Bravado Bras.  They seemed to be really recommended by mums who had used them.  Full of scepticism, I ordered two, one white and one black.

I was a 34B to start with and quickly became a 34C, so I ordered their size S+.  I was wearing a new store one initially and my boobs were really painful, which I put down to early preg.

Then the Bravado ones arrived, WOW!!!!  These bras surpass for me all the reviews.  The sore boobs were tolerable at the end of the first day of wearing them.  The underband is over an inch thick and really good quality so doesn't fold and catch my skin, even after wearing the same one for a week without a wash ( couldn't find the other one, and didn't want to risk sore BB's) I have been wearing the bras for 6 weeks now and wouldn't buy any other type, just wish I'd found them earlier.

Have a look at their website, they are really reasonably priced, and seem to sell second-hand on E-Bay too!  So you'll always be able to get rid of the first one or two you buy when you're too big, or keep them for No.2!!

Good Luck

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