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Gender prediction and implantation site

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14-Aug-08 12:40 pm

Hi x Below is a copy of an old post I did a while ago that may have the link in your after, about gender preference on implantation - I hope this is what your lookin for x

 (old post below)


I know this is a little daft but I couldnt help myself! I had discovered an old post through the search about egg polarity and the effects of gender - also the side of implantation too. Now I know some of you will think I am silly for posting this but others who are a little like me and  maybe not as good on all the gender info I thought what the heck and decided to put on the link for anyone who is interested. I found it amazing its a about 4 pages of threads on the post and also a great link to Ramzis method on implantaion/gender preference (8 or so pages on that link too)

Forgive me if it annoys anyone for highlighting an old post!Worried        (old post off in-gender)  (Ramzi Study)

Happy reading!

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