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Early gender prediction

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6-Aug-08 8:19 am

Ok...I'm only about 5.5 weeks pregnant, but I'm really antsy to know the sex of my baby already! I've been doing every possible gender prediction test on the internet. I know some of it's just for fun, but I am just itching to know! Happy

I found this thing on ebay that this lady can predict the sex of your baby by asking you a few questions. I paid $2.50 for it so even if it's just a hoax to get my money it was still fun to try. She predicted I am having a baby I hope she's right!! Pray  Here is the link for that.....did anyone else try it and get the correct results?

Has anyone else obsessed over trying to figure out the sex of their baby early? Did anyone find a promising gender prediction test?

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19-Aug-08 4:44 am

Hi I know this is not what you will want to hear but this was my response:


Based on the information you have provided, my calculations strongly suggest (93%) that you are expecting a...
Congrats & best of luck always!


and .......... He is 100% BOY

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19-Aug-08 4:46 am

I took her gender test a few months ago and she was right for me :)

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19-Aug-08 4:50 am

I did that one when I first found out I was pregnant and it was right for me.

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