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ok so heres the scoop-of course it involves poo!

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5-Aug-08 8:01 am

i dont really know what was wrong with me.  sunday i woke up and i had horrible stomach cramps.  i began vomitting and having diarrhea.  the pain was bad so i went to the doc in the box as soon as i could. they gave me a couple shots and sent me home.  a few hours later i woke up and it was worse.  i went to the er thinking i had food poisoning.  they gave me a couple shots and sent me home.  i was fine till thursday morn at 1.  i woke up to the same thing.  i went to the er.  they gave me some shots and told me i needed to have some u/s sounds done, but they sent me home.  i was almost immediately sick again.  i went to a gi doc who said it could be parasite, bacteria, or a virus.  he wrote me another round of prescriptions.  i went home.  i started to feel sick again and took a phenegrine suppository and a pill that said belladonna/phenobarbitol.  the gi doc had prescribed it for the stomach cramps. 

about 45 minutes later i was puking really violently and pooing liquid.  i literally crawled off the toilet and my mom had to help me pull my pants up.  i couldnt talk or move.  i had to be picked up and carried to the er.  they admitted me. they gave me fluids and monitored me for 3 days. they discovered that i also had stuff coming out of my hoo-ha.  they think that was becasue the stomach cramps caused me to expel whatever was left in my uterus.  he said he believes it was virul, but its odd no one else got it and its odd it got better for a couple days.  if it starts again i am supposed to come back.  as if its easy to find sitters and cancel work. yes, this was my first week back and i had to cancel 3 days of it.  

oh well.  i think im better now.  thank you all for thoughts and well wishes!  i love you guys! 

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5-Aug-08 8:23 am

Oh wow that is crazy and you sounded so miserable!  I am glad to hear that you are okay and that you feel better!!   

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5-Aug-08 8:28 am

It's a pooper scooper!  (do graduates of the KatesDreamGirl School of Puns get diplomas??!) Geeked

Sorry to hear you were so poorly..we've all been terribly worried about you! Glad to know that you're feeling better and that you're on the mend.

Thank you for the detailed  description..put me right off my sandwich tho' Happy ROFL

Sending you extra strong Brangelina flavoured French hugs (so strong they give you twins..)


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5-Aug-08 8:32 am

It's a pooper scooper!  (do graduates of the KatesDreamGirl School of Puns get diplomas??!) Geeked


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5-Aug-08 8:34 am

Can you really use "scoop" and "poo" in the same sentence?  There's gotta be something wrong with that...

I had something (unfortunately) extremely similar to that on my 26th birthday... the vomiting/diarrhea was so severe and violent that I became instantly dehydrated, had convulsions on the bathroom floor, passed out, came to, and lay there until I could make enough noise for Bill to hear me over the TV to come carry me to the er.  It was loads of birthday fun!!!  They, too, said it was viral - and no one else got it.  Strange.  I was sick for a week.

Glad to hear you are on the mend.  I hope you feel better and better every single day!  No more poopy days for Kate!!



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5-Aug-08 8:37 am

Gosh, that sounds awful!!  I hope you are all better now and that whatever it was that made you sick doesn't come back!


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5-Aug-08 8:45 am

That's crazy!  Last March my whole house had something similar but it only lasted 2 days.  It was so bad my dh wanted me to call the ambulance for him which I did and they gave him phenegan too.  What we had was more like Rotavirus or Norovirus or something.  How long did this last overall?  It seems like it was a while.  Glad you are feeling better now.  I am praying it doesn't return for you. 

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5-Aug-08 8:58 am

That sounds aawful -- and worse becasue they could never tell you what was wrong.  Sorry it messed up your first week back at work, and hope you have seen the last of it!   We hav emissed you but don't feel like you need to post if you aren't up to it! 

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5-Aug-08 9:06 am

That sounds horrible!!  Did they do any tests of your stool?  My  mom was that ill and hospitalized for a week when she had salmonella (sp?) posioning.  I'm surprised they didn't test you for a lot of possibilities.  Surely they could have figured out what the cause was.  I hope that you continue to feel better quickly.


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5-Aug-08 9:38 am

I'm so sorry you were so sick. That sounds terrible! But I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope that it was just a virus and will be all done now.


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5-Aug-08 10:25 am

OMG that all sounds terrible.  I'm praying it stays away.  I had a feeling your illness probably had something to do with poor girl.  Heal up!

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5-Aug-08 10:42 am

 oh lordy!!! well that doesnt sound very fun at all!!!! Sad im so sorry you were so sick! and coming out of both ends is the worst!!! i can only imagine!! thank goodness you are better... i hope whatever this was doesnt come back!!! please keep feeing better Hearts

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5-Aug-08 11:22 am

You poor thing!  I"m so glad that you are feeling better!

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5-Aug-08 11:41 am

Hmmm...we had a scare of a parasite called chrypto (sp?) being a contaminate in the city of phoenix pools a couple of weeks ago.  The symptoms you describe match it can cause severe diahrea that can clear up for a few days (making you think it has gone away) to only reappear again--it can last 2-3 weeks.  I would ask the doctors if they can or have tested your stool for chrypto.

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5-Aug-08 12:50 pm

Whoa, now you must officially have the worst post-pardum recovery period EVER documented.  Let's hope this is the last of it.  Healing peace to you.

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