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How goes it November gals ??


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23-Aug-08 3:57 pm

Hello ladies,

      Sorry I haven't been around it's been caious here! The two older kids have gone back to school and it's now just the 20 month old and myself. My inlaws were here for a visit, and we had a new roof put on the house as well as carpets cleaned,new refridgerator,water line problems, trip to the hospital,3d ultrasound,and a good closet cleaning in all the rooms,who knew you would collect so much stuff!!

    This is my fourth pregancy and our last! It has been so uneventful that other than physically getting biger,a small bout with nausea and intestines never feeling right all has been quite.My biggest complaint is just being tired.I have only gained 7lb and had my glucose test failed the first passed the second three hour.I think I want to check into some prenatal water areobics at the YMCA to help bring on labor sooner ( i always go past my due date)and lose baby weight quicker,as I was overwight before I got pregant.

The last set back is the Jardine crib recall!! I bought the cherry color for the 20 month old and just found out it has been recalled.Just what I need three months before baby # 4 is due!! The company said they will mail me an envelope to send back the hardware to prove that we do indeed have the crib and make sure it can't be used anymore. The problem is that they say it will be 7-14 days to get the envelope  however I have read that their are several people that have had to wait more than a month to get the envelope and that doesn't include the time it takes to get the voucher for the new crib, and the time for it while it i backordered! The crib we bought is cherry color and part of the Jardine Madison Cherry Berkly Collection so I can't just get ay color cherry crib as it won't match the dresser and toy box! The crib that does match that is part of the Jardine collection as $99 more than what we will get from the voucher as close as I can figure! Some Beach I would prefer just to keep the one that we have as the slats are sturdy in the crib that we have but since it is a stages crib I don't know if their is anyway to still get the bed rails to convert it to a regular bed,if they are doing a recall.Maybe they cherry bed rail is universal for all the styles of the collection in the cherry color! What a pain in my ass this is gonna be!!

 Well now that I vented, I hope everyone is having a healthy pregancy and wish the rest of the third trimester goes well for all!



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