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How goes it November gals ??

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4-Aug-08 11:51 pm

Not much action on this board of late but I guess that's becuase we are all in that criusy 2nd trimester !  No more sickness, headaches, not too tired, getting used to big swollen boobs, stomach growing (scarily fast Surprise - can it grow much more?) and feeeling baby really starting to dance now Happy Smile

Can't believe we will soon head into the third trimester (is that about 28weeks?).  This is just flying by !!!

Anyone organising bedrooms, clothes etc yet ?

GTT blood test at 26weeks for me as had Gest diab with 2nd preg.  I was only borderline so hoping not to have it this time.  Trying to be really good diet wise in preparation but am completely failing.  Craved fruit early in this preg but am now wanting Maccas and cakes all the time Worried

Hope everyone is happy and well Flower

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5-Aug-08 2:11 am

It has been quiet. All good here apart from all the things you mentioned- big boobs, a little tired, HUGE belly and I have the waddle starting... Baby is very active at night and quiet in the day. This is by far the hardest pregnancy I have had but I guess it goes with the territory of baby #4. Midwife home visit on Thursday and then taking the kids to the snow for the weekend.

 I painted the baby's room pink within about 48 hours of my ultrasound LOL. I seriously have to stop buying clothes I am addicted. She will only have a chance to wear everything once before she grows out of it. It is definately feeling closer heading into the 3rd trimester. Looking forward to meeting her and seeing what she looks like.Hearts

Lots of good pregnancy vibes for everyoneHugs Violet

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5-Aug-08 11:23 am

I was thinking the same thing the other day.....quiet in Nov!  I think I'm just in a calm now that I know my baby is a girlie!!!  Right now, I'm just hanging out with DS3--the boys went back to school yesterday!  Gosh, that's it.....I'm bored.  Nothing exciting going on in the pg.  Don't have a doctor's appt til the end of the month.  I expect to be scheduled for the GTT then!  Hate that test!  I'd rather just have my blood taken than have to drink the awful orange sugar drink!  I did buy a My Little Pony outfit that I had seen before finding out, then couldn't find any size but preemie, then found 3-6 months the other day!!  I was so excited.  Got little pink and purple headbands too!  Haven't had heartburn too bad this time, hoping that doesn't hit!  Bought a baby book.  Now-----to come up with a name for my baby girl!  I don't know how to name a girl.....but I was out of boy names, too (glad I don't have to think of one of those!).  I too can't wait to see what my daughter looks like!  Hearts



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6-Aug-08 10:32 am

Things are ok here i guess but ive been distant from many forums atm as i feel like the odd one out.

 Glad all is well with you guys though. 


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23-Aug-08 3:57 pm

Hello ladies,

      Sorry I haven't been around it's been caious here! The two older kids have gone back to school and it's now just the 20 month old and myself. My inlaws were here for a visit, and we had a new roof put on the house as well as carpets cleaned,new refridgerator,water line problems, trip to the hospital,3d ultrasound,and a good closet cleaning in all the rooms,who knew you would collect so much stuff!!

    This is my fourth pregancy and our last! It has been so uneventful that other than physically getting biger,a small bout with nausea and intestines never feeling right all has been quite.My biggest complaint is just being tired.I have only gained 7lb and had my glucose test failed the first passed the second three hour.I think I want to check into some prenatal water areobics at the YMCA to help bring on labor sooner ( i always go past my due date)and lose baby weight quicker,as I was overwight before I got pregant.

The last set back is the Jardine crib recall!! I bought the cherry color for the 20 month old and just found out it has been recalled.Just what I need three months before baby # 4 is due!! The company said they will mail me an envelope to send back the hardware to prove that we do indeed have the crib and make sure it can't be used anymore. The problem is that they say it will be 7-14 days to get the envelope  however I have read that their are several people that have had to wait more than a month to get the envelope and that doesn't include the time it takes to get the voucher for the new crib, and the time for it while it i backordered! The crib we bought is cherry color and part of the Jardine Madison Cherry Berkly Collection so I can't just get ay color cherry crib as it won't match the dresser and toy box! The crib that does match that is part of the Jardine collection as $99 more than what we will get from the voucher as close as I can figure! Some Beach I would prefer just to keep the one that we have as the slats are sturdy in the crib that we have but since it is a stages crib I don't know if their is anyway to still get the bed rails to convert it to a regular bed,if they are doing a recall.Maybe they cherry bed rail is universal for all the styles of the collection in the cherry color! What a pain in my ass this is gonna be!!

 Well now that I vented, I hope everyone is having a healthy pregancy and wish the rest of the third trimester goes well for all!



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