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My Baby NURSED!!!!

My Sugar Plum Fairies

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30-Jul-08 4:48 pm

OMG OMG OMG  I have one DD (Vivian) who nurses like a champ since her first week and my other (Georgia) had only nursed once in 10 weeks.  Other times she'd get EBM.  A few times a week I would get the SNS and a shield all rigged up and she'd get maybe an ounce.  It was a huge pain and I was just about ready to throw in the towel and accept that she would never be a nurser.  Then last night I nursed Vivian and DH was holding Georgia next to me on the couch.  He said I should nurse her now too and I snorted yeah right.  I took her just to humor him and put her to breast without the shield.  She latched right on, got let down and nursed for 15 mins.  HOLY CRAP!!!  I was so happy I was a soggy mess of tears.  It's been a long road with the breast pump, supplements etc.  An hour later I tried again and she nursed again!  She wasn't so hot later in the evening during her colic period but that's okay.  I'm just so thrilled and DH has the smuggest look on his face.  Happy  LOL


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30-Jul-08 4:50 pm

Good job!

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30-Jul-08 4:52 pm

That's WONDERFUL!!!!! I hope she keeps on this will be so much easier for you.


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30-Jul-08 4:52 pm

Yay!  I think it's a rumor that babies won't breastfeed if they've been given a bottle for a while . . . I think if you're persistent a baby will take it up and actually prefer it.  Maybe she'll take her sister as an example, and start nursing now!

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30-Jul-08 4:58 pm

 OMG!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! i am SO EXCITED for you!! i know that exact feeling!!! hooray!!! im so glad you stuck it out!!! way to go mama!!!

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30-Jul-08 7:47 pm

I'm so happy for you!!!!  Yay, Georgia -- keep it up, Girl!  Also, how is it going with the poop?  Has she gone yet?  Last time I read it had been 13 days....

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30-Jul-08 7:51 pm

Happy Celebrate Congrats..That is awesome..

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30-Jul-08 7:55 pm

Way to go!! I can sense your relief right through your post... I am happy for all of you! 

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30-Jul-08 7:56 pm

how wonderful!  



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30-Jul-08 9:04 pm

So wonderful!!!!  I can only imagine how hard it must have been to be able to nurse one DD so easily and not the other.  You are an incredible mother...and your DH doesn't sound so bad either.  Happy Wink  I hope Georgia keeps up the good work!  It sounds like she just might with such an amazing family behind her!!!  Happy Celebrate

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30-Jul-08 9:10 pm

Good for you sweetie!  I'm guessing your DH is taking all the credit huh?  don't you wish he could help you out with the BF? LOL

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My Sugar Plum Fairies

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30-Jul-08 10:52 pm

Also, how is it going with the poop?  Has she gone yet?  Last time I read it had been 13 days....

She went 14 days until we gave her an enema at the doctor's direction.  I totally believe that BF babies don't need to poop often but she is sooooo fussy.  A LOT of poop came out but it was all soft and it didn't seem to change her mood much.  Sigh......  She does calm down and sleep at night which is reassuring.  The next step is to have a barium enema xray to check her colon.  There is some concern that she may have a congenital defect called Hirchsprung's Disease.  


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31-Jul-08 12:02 am

Your original post made me smile!! I am so happy for you--totally feel your contentment through the screen!!!

On your 2nd post--sorry to hear about that!  I hope they figure things out with her soon!!!Hearts

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31-Jul-08 12:22 pm

Yeah Georgia!!  Keep it up girl and your Mommy will be one happy lady!! 

How's it going?  Tried again?  I hope she keeps it for you!!  You won't know what to do with your time!!  You are doing a great job and have been amazing to keep it up this long!!  I don't think I could have done that!!  Keep us updated!!


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31-Jul-08 12:26 pm

 AgreeYEAH!!!! Way to go Georgia!!

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