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dr appt-finally!

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28-Jul-08 9:08 am

 hi all!  back from vacation & had my OB appt this am (made up for the one cancelled on me)  everything went well (accept still a 1/2 hr wait w/ 2ds in waiting room-ugh!-and i had the 1st appt!)  we heard the baby's heartbeat immediately.  the CNM said, well, we have a cooperative baby here!  and i replied, finally! haha!  the heartbeat was strong & fast.  i'm so relieved.  

hope everyone is doing well.  oh, also doing better overall w/ nausea & no more metal taste.  still need to brush teeth w/ cinnamon toothpaste immediately after eating, but that's doable.  

 can't wait to hear from everyone-our group has been kind of slow lately.


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28-Jul-08 9:12 am

Thats great...glad all went well...its so exciting hearing the heartbeat for the first time...makes it real!!!   You said the heartratge was high...what was the count do you know? Just curious!!!

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B/C really is only 99% effective!!! LOL DH and I are very excited (and relieved) to have gotten our surprise Baby Bear Girl

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28-Jul-08 11:27 am

thanks!  i was so excited i didn't ask the count-duh!  i will next time... 

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28-Jul-08 5:11 pm


Hey!  Let's get this group rolling!  I'm glad to hear your appointment went well.  Isn't so exciting when you hear the heartbeat?  It just makes me want to cry.  Hope your vacation was relaxing and enjoyable.
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30-Jul-08 8:14 pm

I am glad that all is progressing very well for you. Keep up the great work!


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3-Aug-08 8:44 pm

Glad it all went well - yay for fast and strong heartbeat!! I am also interested in how fast it was - mine was 158 bpm at my scan and 152 bpm at my last apt. This is on the high side so i am hoping girl but my DS2  was always between 154-160 bpm so he fooled me!

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