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Swaying Stats for Nov Due Dates


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28-Jul-08 2:05 am

These are taken from the due date list and are not comparable to the whether someone did sway or whether they just 'got lucky'.

We have 21 women listed:

Team Baby Boy 5 women  

Team Baby Girl 15 women

Team No preference 1 woman


Results from US or CVS/Amnio are:

Team Baby Boy 5/5 Boys = 100%

Team Baby Girl 9/15 Girls   = 60%

                4/15 Boys  = 27%

                2/15 Unknown to date = 13%


Looking at total percentages for all women:

67% are blessed with gender they wished for

19% are blessed with the opposite gender

9% Unknown to date

5% No preference


The percentages show a higher trend than 50/50 odds. Happy and healthy pregnancy to everyone.Hearts

For those still on their journey ttc - Goodluck with all your praying and swaying!Good Luck Clover Believe it CAN happen!Pray




Be well, Nikki Baby Boy9 Baby Boy7 Baby Boy3 Baby Girl Born 11/24/08


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28-Jul-08 2:31 am

Happy GiggleThis is great, Nikki!  Good job, thanks for the info!  I love to see #s and know what's going on in our group!  Very nice! 


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