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My Ultrasound.......

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26-Jul-08 9:53 pm

Sorry it took me so long, was hanging out at my mom's in the pool....

It's a..............
































GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Bear GirlHearts

I can't believe it!!!! 

I did have the tech write it in a card and seal the envelope.  DH wanted the card as soon as we were outside.  I hesitated, but gave it to him.  I then got in my truck and all of the sudden, the card is right in front of me open

It's a Girl!


That's what he wrote!

I had to go back in and ask about something, and he was standing up front still.  I told him, my husband opened the card already and he wants to know if you're screwing with us.  He said very seriously, NO.  He said he really wanted to tell us during the u/s (he asked me during and right after) so it could be on the DVD.  I was just too scared, I did not want to hear if it was a boy.  I looked at the DVD and he went by it really quick, even though I turned my head.  But, I totally trust him.  He's done my last 2 boys' u/s so I completely have faith in his expertise!  Which is nice because I don't want to have to wonder and not believe for the next few months!  I am sooooooooo happy, my family is finally complete (I told my mom DH probably made his vasectomy appt already!).  He said it can't be his, he doesn't make girls.  I said, we can have a test in 4 months, buddy!  She's all yours!!!!  I didn't go shopping yet, but my mom bought about a dozen outfits/onesies a while ago. 

So, that's my story!!!  Thank you all so much for your good thought, girls vibes and pink dust.  I think that really helped!!!!!  Now to think of a name.....



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26-Jul-08 10:00 pm

OMG!!! Congratulations Brandy, i told you that i thought you would have a girl. I'm so happy for you and you give me hope that after 3 boys i can get a girl also. Yay! Have heaps of fun buying pink. Baby Bear GirlBaby Bear GirlBaby Bear GirlBaby Bear Girl


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26-Jul-08 10:02 pm

Happy Celebrate Baby Bear Girl Happy Celebrate YYYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Happy Celebrate Baby Bear Girl Happy Celebrate

I'm so happy for you....i was starting to get worried that you heard boy and thats why you havent posted.

A BIG FAT CONGRATS to you and your family...You must be over the moon.....

Happy Celebrate YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Bear Girl

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26-Jul-08 10:03 pm

CONGRATS Brandy!!!!!!!  That is very exciting news!!   

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26-Jul-08 10:13 pm




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26-Jul-08 10:34 pm

What awesome news!! I have been checking all day to get your news!! I cant remember - did you sway or not??

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26-Jul-08 11:30 pm

Fantastic news!  I remember opening my envelope like it was yesterday.... It's such a great feeling!  Congratulations to you!Baby Bear Girl

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26-Jul-08 11:40 pm

OMG!   I remember reading your posts!

Happy Celebrate CONGRATULATIONS Baby Bear Girl

For the moment(!) it so makes my situation not feel so bad - I can't imagine, for me, having 3 girls and holding out hope for a boy after what I've just been through, really believing we had a DS on the way.  My DH said he was getting the vasectomy then!!  I've persuaded him to hold off for just one more time!

Oh and I see that your baby is due the day after mine, which is the 23 November! 

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, as I am sure you will.

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26-Jul-08 11:44 pm

Congratulations!!!!  I'm so happy for you!  I totally know how you feel; my family now feels complete.  Have fun buying pink! Baby Bear Girl

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27-Jul-08 12:16 am

Wow ! What great news Happy  LOL I am so happy for you Happy Celebrate

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27-Jul-08 1:25 am

I cant remember - did you sway or not??

Barely!  I was feeling good about it being a girl until yesterday I started really freaking out.  I wanted to vomit this morning and almost left the u/s.  I probably would have if it weren't for the fact that we were there to check on the development, too!!! 

My half-a$$ed attempt:

TTC month #2----2.5-3 day c/o (month 1 we did 4 day c/o, so I got braver than I really wanted to). 

Hot bath for DH, I cut back on caffeine, but certainly did not eliminate it.  I didn't take supps or change my diet.  Neither did DH.  (Geez, you would think I didn't really want a girl!).   Missionary, no big O for me.  DTD everyday after AF until c/o, which wasn't long because my cycles were short.  I think that's about it.  Can't believe it worked.  I never checked my pH, so I don't know, but my diet was about the same as with the boys!  Maybe just luck!!! 

Thanks to all!   GL to those still waiting to know!!!


     Sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one.

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27-Jul-08 6:25 am
Congrats i know how you feel it's so exciting! Have fun shopping for pink lol
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27-Jul-08 8:00 am





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27-Jul-08 8:05 am

WhoooooooooooHoooooooooooooo!  I just knew, knew, knew it!!!  Yay! 

I so wanted to post a good luck thread for you but have total pregnancy brain and forgotSad.  I am so completely THRILLED for you!  Have tons of fun shopping!

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27-Jul-08 8:08 am

Also...wanted to we just gotta coax little miss to come on my birthdayHappy  LOL

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