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3rd trimester celebrations!!


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24-Jul-08 10:08 am

The time is flying.

Congrats to all the ladies growing into the 3rd trimester. My belly is so heavy. I hope to deliver the last week of September, sorry to sneak out of October,LOL.

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24-Jul-08 11:01 am

Girl....I'm right there with you.  (Except for the twins Happy Wink).  My belly is definitely getting tighter KWIM?  I will also be sneaking out of October.  I'm due October 5, but will have a scheduled C-section the last week of September I believe.

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24-Jul-08 11:54 am

Wow time goes by fast! I hope September comes fast for you ladies! I have 6 more days at the most!!!

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24-Jul-08 12:03 pm

Wow girl....6 days!!!!  I know you're anxious/excited/nervous/ready all at the same time.  Good luck to you.  Hope you still have my cell #....I'll be happy to let everyone know after the big arrival.

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24-Jul-08 1:03 pm

I'll get my induction date next Friday and may end up with an end of Sept day too....the VERY end of sept.  Just depends on when my dr is on call at the hospital.  Ten weeks to go....YAY!!!


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8-Aug-08 12:16 pm

 lol all you ladies sneaking out of Oct.  I'm due the 25th so there's pretty much no way I'm making it to Sept :p  But I could end up in Nov....

I'm excited to have gotten to the 3rd tri though.  I'm nesting like crazy...trying to decide if I should paint my dining room and den :p 

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