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Does Blythe sound like a girl name or a boy name to you?

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10-Apr-12 9:24 am
I am a mother who named her SON Blythe. He's an adult now. The name was chosen historically from family name of who he was named after (my great grandfather's last name). I recently discussed with him his name and he is aware of only Blythe Danner, and a girl he knew in South Carolina kindergarten so he believed that is how people perceive his name being of female gender. To me always been male. In fact I researched the name and it does have dual gender identity - based on literature, etc it actually is way more masculine than feminine. My son has a more common middle name and I suggested he could use that if he didn't want to be called Blythe. This was when he was 12--and all he said was "thanks Mom for letting me know now..." Having said this, he is very proud of his familial heritage of whom he's name after.