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15-Jul-08 2:17 am

Just wondering if your u/s went okay! I know that you love surprises and are staying on the green team but was checking to see if everything else went okay!



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17-Jul-08 2:14 pm

Hi Everyone!! We had our Ultrasound on Monday and Baby is Healthy and measuring one day ahead!!!! As I mentioned we did not find out the gender (even though I wanted to peek Soooooo badly). She had us look away while she was doing the femur measurment just to be sure we didn't see anything. Here is a picture that has me guessing though because I keep convincing myself I can see something. In the ultrasound forum all responses have been no gender clues so I am thinking I am just looking to hard and trying to make something out of it thats not really there.

Full-size image
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17-Jul-08 2:27 pm

Ahhh... sweet looking baby, no matter what the gender ends up being.  Since you have one of each, do you have a preference?  Sorry that I'm not up todate!  BTW, I also have a DS named Max (love the name!) who was also a 2003 baby!  Congratulations on a healthy pregnancy, and hope it continues to go smoothly for you! 

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17-Jul-08 2:52 pm

Thank you. I don't have a preference but each of my children sure do ;) My son is named after my late grandfather and back when I used it it wasn't very popular but now with all these celebs using it I think its going to become very popular.  Everyone always comments on what a solid strong name it is. My DH and I are actually haing a hard time finding a boy name this time that will go with it.

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17-Jul-08 4:03 pm

sorry but I can not tell what the heck I'm looking at! glad it all went well and baby was healthy and happy in there!

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