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My Baby BOY has arrived!

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7-Jul-08 2:01 pm

Baby - Carson Brian!I received lots of support and encouragement from this site just by sitting back and mostly reading posts...though I throw my 2 cents in every now and then....

This is my most special POST - my baby boy Carson Brian arrived on July 2nd @ 8:45am weighing 8lb. 13oz. and 21 inches long!   A healthy little thing!!  He is so precious to me, and I love him to pieces!!  Daddy is as happy as ever, and so are his big sisters!  We are thrilled to have him and are sooooo blessed.   It was a scheduled C-section (my third) and though I was nervous and anxious - it all went very smooth!  He is a delightful baby thus far and I am just in LOVE!

I wish you all blessings throughout your pregnancy and even more through the journey of raising these special little ones.....enjoy each moment!

 Best Wishes to all my fellow July Mommies!!!


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7-Jul-08 2:08 pm

He's beautiful!  Enjoy him!  Congratulations!

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7-Jul-08 2:09 pm

Congratulations!!!!  He is beautiful!

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7-Jul-08 2:13 pm

 Congratulations he is precious!!!Happy Celebrate

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7-Jul-08 2:13 pm

OHH! He is so beautiful!! Congrats!

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7-Jul-08 2:14 pm

Congratulations.  Thanks for sharing.  He is adorable.


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7-Jul-08 2:29 pm

Oh he is soooooo cute!  And a big boy for not even being all the way to 40 weeks.  Wow!  Congrats on a special blue blessing.

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7-Jul-08 5:33 pm

Wow congrats!!! He is a big boy for 38 weeks!!!
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7-Jul-08 5:38 pm

CutieBaby Boy

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7-Jul-08 8:59 pm
Well done! Congratulations on the safe and happy arrival of Carson! I love his outfit - did he come home in it?? Enjoy this happy time with your family.
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7-Jul-08 9:58 pm
What a cutie! Congrats!

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7-Jul-08 10:01 pm


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7-Jul-08 10:05 pm

He is just too cute!!!! I can't wait till i am holding my baby boy Baby Bear Boy

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8-Jul-08 4:57 pm

 Awww Such a cutie!


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9-Jul-08 3:27 am

He is adorable, congratulations! Oh, I am getting excited about meeting my DS3 after seeing all these new born pics!

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