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I love my Son to bits!

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5-Jul-08 4:26 pm

 I had my 3rd son on 27th June and I absolutely LOVE him to bits!Hearts

I swayed for a Girl using timing method, but I also took EPO, which at the time I didnt realise, actually favours Boys. Sad

When we found out it was Boy #3, I cried for a few Days, then it passed. But I still had a small hole in my heart that longed for a Girl. I have to admit, I'd felt a little detached from this baby for the rest of the pregnancy.

BUT now he is here, I wouldn't change him for any amount of Pink in the world Happy  It is SO true, that once you meet your little baby, feeling of GD just fly out the window.

 DH said we could have as many children as it takes until I get a Girl, but being honest, we are not going to bother. We are going to stop at 3 children because I already feel extrememly lucky and blessed to have 3 gorgeous Boys.

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5-Jul-08 5:36 pm

That is just great!! I know im going to feel the same exact way when this baby is born.

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6-Jul-08 12:28 am

That's awsome!  I feel the same way!  I love my 3rd little boy to pieces... he is such a joy and is the smiliest, easy going, happiest baby I've ever seen.  For real, I didn't think babies like this existed! lol.  Everyone ooh's and ahh's over him.Love Ya!  We'll probably have a 4th child some day but it's not specifically to try for a girl (although I admit a girl would be great!) but I just want at least one more child and don't feel done yet.  I know I'll be fine if we end up with all boysHappy

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6-Jul-08 2:02 am

That is sooo great! I love hearing stories like that.

Quick question - do you wish you haddnt found out the gender before the birth or are you glad you did? I am currently debating which of these options will leave me with less GD if this is my third son so your opinion would be greatly appreciated Happy Smile

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6-Jul-08 3:14 pm

 Clarebear: Im glad I did find out the gender before birth. It helped me to cry, and get over the GD. If I hadnt have found out, I really dont know if I'd be feeling so happy with son #3 as I am right now. I think the GD on top of the hormones, tiredness and everything else, I'd be  a wreck.

Good Luck with whatever you choose, I think mainly though, Im just too impatient as no way could I have waited until Birth to find out.


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6-Jul-08 3:51 pm

That is so great to hear. Happy  LOL I'm pretty sure we'll be done at three- girl or boy. 

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 Thank you God and IG!

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6-Jul-08 4:53 pm

You are a very lucky lady!  I am so happy for you!

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6-Jul-08 6:31 pm

Congratulations on your new baby boy! I love hearing stories like this, I am going to meet my 3rd son in 2 and a half weeks and can't wait! Thanks for sharing.

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9-Jul-08 7:07 pm

the same thing happened to me i was upset when i found up my third was another boy i cried for weeks and even muttered the horrible words 'i don't want him.'  then he was born and i swear everyday that my heart will burst with love for him.  i adore him.  congraduations on your baby boy, i am sure he will bring you much happiness.

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9-Jul-08 7:32 pm

Hey Clarebear. Was reading your question about glad if found out the sex or not. I did find out with DS3. I didn't find out with the other two. So for me it was strange just to find out. I guess it helped to get over the disappointment. I cried for days HARD, then even months later things would trigger my tears. But for our next child I am NOT finding out. Espcially since it's totally our last boy or girl. I want to be surprised. And I feel that for ME, to not know and have a little boy delivered and in my arms MAY be easier. Or maybe I'll cry the same. But doubtful. Cuz then I have him in my arms and falling in love already!!! And I can think back to DS3 and know that now I can't imagine my life without him! He was meant to be in my life as a boy and a 4th boy would be the same for me.


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