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Anyone's boy turn into a girl?

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29-Jun-08 11:41 am

This is just something I've been thinking about lately cause I know online the people I've learned about have had my situation where their girl turned into a boy.  But, the stories that I've heard in real-life (and I will say I only KNOW one of the people, the others were just hearsay) they have all been girl turning into boy.

The one I know, I only know of her, went to high school with her.  I don't know anything about her u/s, if she had more than one, if it was clear as day or what.  I just know that her MySpace page had a face pic u/s titled "My Little Man", and leading up to the birth everyone was commenting on this baby boy by name.  Then now she has pictures of her little girl, and the immediate response from people after the birth was "OMG, what a surprise."  Like I said, that's all I know about her story.

Then there were two others that people have told me since we had our gender change u/s.  And both of these scenarios were both boys turning into girls.

I've not heard one other story in real-life about the girl turning to boy, like me.  And equally I've not seen anything online about the boy turning into girl.

So, all that said, are there any of you out there that had THIS scenario happen?  And how did you feel in your situation?


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29-Jun-08 11:47 am

I have never heard of this scenario this way round.  But I do know one lady at my son's school who was told girl after several scans and gave birth to DS3!

 If it had happened to me I would have been thrilled.

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29-Jun-08 12:21 pm

i went to a chiropractor during my third pregnancy, and of course he has the perfect family (two girls, two boys - sigh). He told me that their second girl was supposed to be a boy. They were told several times it was a boy, and out came a girl. So it really does happen, maybe just not as often as the other way around.  I hope you're doing ok with your gender reversal - that must be really hard to wrap your arms around. Thinking of you.

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29-Jun-08 12:46 pm

 I am crossing my fingers and I so hope it happens for you:)  I would love to see someone that has been in my shoes get their girl.  I do know how you feel.  When is your due date?  If it doesn't happen, we'll all be here to help you cope.  I really do understand what you are going thru right now.

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29-Jun-08 1:39 pm

I don't know anyone it's happened to, but it definately could happen.  IMO, nothing is 100% til you see that baby in your arms!  I think the most likely case would be if the cord was mistaken for the penis.  I hope you get your DD.  I can imagine how frustrating your situation has been. 


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29-Jun-08 5:17 pm

As much as I wish it would turn back around for me, I'm not in any way suspecting that.  I saw the boy parts as clear as could be in my 24 week u/s. 

This was just something I was thinking about, cause I know whenever I've seen posts here it's always been girl into boy.  But like I said, real-life, for me, I have only heard of boy into girl.  I thought it was odd that I hadn't seen it more on here that way too.

So yeah, this was just a question in general, not me trying to dillude myself.  :)  I know (even moreso now) that it can't be 100% until the baby gets here, but unfortunately for me the boy u/s really didn't leave anything to the imagination.

So, so far though, no one on here has had first hand experience of the boy turning into a girl? 

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29-Jun-08 6:03 pm

My mom works for our local police department, and on of the officers and a good friend and his wife were having a baby.  They were told 100% boy, and he was thrilled.  Everyone bought them cute little boy things etc.  She went in for her C-section, and my mom called me that day laughing saying "you'll never guess what happened....Rick and his wife had their baby was a girl and they were totally shocked"!!!!  So everyone scrambled to go out and buy them some girl clothes so they would have something to dress her in!!!  So it does happen, but I'm sure not as often as the other scenario!!!

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29-Jun-08 6:15 pm

I think I had asked this same question not too long ago.  Then I tried to do some research about the accuracy of u/s.  (Trying to give myself some hope or continue the fantasy).  One website (I don't remember what the link was) basically said at 11 or 12 weeks u/s are about 98-99% accurate.  It increases in accuracy the older the baby and the percent error is slightly higher for saying girl but really boy then the other way around.

So I've been trying to decide if I should have one more u/s to confirm (in my mind) that this baby is a boy. We'll see.

Hope you're doing okay with the news of DS3.

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29-Jun-08 11:22 pm

Really hope this doesnt happen to me Sad.....this is going to be our last baby and would really love to give my girls a little brother....

Might book a private scan to ease my mind...i think about it everyday

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30-Jun-08 3:29 am

My midwife was telling me today about a patient of hers who was told boy in 3 seperate scans and then a baby girl popped out at the birth!! I had always thought it only happend the other way around but there you go.

 Lynda_Tyro - im sure this will not happen to you as my midwife said it is very rare. I hope what I wrote above has not freaked you out Hearts

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3-Jul-08 3:56 am

JennH311 - Your girl scan turned to a boy??! Was the mistaken US an unclear view?

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7-Aug-08 1:50 pm
Yes, our 'boy' turned into a girl! At the 20 wk scan, we were told boy and then at 30 weeks, girl. I had felt all along that she was a girl as I already had 2 boys and a girl and had lost a girl in aprevious pregnancy and the boy/girl pregnancies were so different for me. Your story sounds shocking - disappointment just isn't the word. I've looked at your website and can really feel your pain. In my opinion, I don't believe parents should be told the gender - it doesn't change a thing (apart from if they get it wrong and then it turns your world upside down). I hope you can find some peace .. Good luck.
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7-Aug-08 2:00 pm
I just wrote this on another thread, but I knew a girl who was told boy at her 20 week u/s, then girl at a follow up u/s at 32 weeks. She did end up having a girl.

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7-Aug-08 2:15 pm

OH my gosh this is completely freaking me out!  I have already bought so much blue, and started a blue baby book!!!!!  Yikes!!!!!  My u/s was very clear, so no point in getting another I guess, but it does make you wonder the circumstances under which this happened with the boys turning into girls!  Like I said, I got a clear shot.....but it STILL doesn't convince me totally.

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7-Aug-08 2:57 pm

It didn't happen to me, but it happened to my friend's friend. She was told at the time of the ultrasound that she was having a boy, but on delivery day, she had a girl. They already had one of each, so they were ok with the baby being the opposite of what they had expected.





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