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My unsuccessful attempt at Pink (but i have a beautiful baby boy!)

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24-Jun-08 2:21 pm

Hi everyone - i have  not been on the site since i conceived back in September, but i gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Joel, on Wed June 18 and thought i should post here as to what i did (that did not work :) for me)  We are thrilled with Joel and his two older brothers are equally thrilled to have a new brother.

What I did:

Calcium and Cranberry tablets ( and magnesium too i think? )

PH was down to about 4.5 i think

Husbands PH was somewhere around 7.5 (forgive me that i cant really remember exactly,  i know my PH was spot on and his was a tad high but not bad)

Lime douche before TBD, Missionary position with shallow deposit, "jump and dump", as well as dumping the night before.  Sex around lunchtime, 1.5 days before ovulation (i ovulated one day early)

i think thats it.. anyhow, good luck to everyone !


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24-Jun-08 2:49 pm

Congratulations!!  Happy Celebrate

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24-Jun-08 3:18 pm

Congratulations on your new son!!!!  Thanks for posting your attempt, it really helps us trying to decide what to do.  Happy Smile

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24-Jun-08 3:27 pm

Congratulations on your baby boy! Happy Celebrate

And thanks for sharing! 

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24-Jun-08 3:30 pm

Congratulations on your blue bundle!  Thank you for letting us know your attempt!


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26-Jun-08 11:38 am

Baby Bear BoyCongrats on your lil guy.

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