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thanks for being here

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23-Jun-08 11:02 pm

I am new to the forum. I just found out this afternoon (at my 20 week US) that I am having another boy. I have a 22 month old boy now--he is precious, loves me to pieces, I love him to pieces, yet I can't stop crying about my dream of having a girl being lost forever. Due to me being 38 and our not-so-great financial situation, this is, I'm afraid, our last child. Two boys. Ugggh.

 I went through the same disappointment and depression/constant uncontrollable crying when I found out gender with my first son.  It got better 3rd trimester, and completely disappeared when he was born---loved him so much and felt silly for ever being depressed.  Thought I'd truly be happy with either this time...but surprise, I am not. I "know" another boy will be easier, more practical, cheaper financially, less stressful emotionally in the teenage years, that my DS will love having a brother. I "know" all this, yet I am so sad.

 My husband is ecstatic, calling all his family to say that the legacy will live on (he is one of two brothers, and his father is one of two brothers). They were ALL such trouble....I fear I'm in for it.  Yet I know that these boys will be half "me"....

 Anyway...thanks for being here and letting me vent. Any similar stories?

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