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All high techers: PLEASE enter a SURVEY on your Cycle!

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21-Jun-08 8:49 am

If you have tried a high tech cycle (MicroSort, PGD, or Ericsson), please enter your cycle in our cycle database.  If you have found this site helpful, or if anyone here has assisted, motivated, or comforted you in any way, please look at simply sharing your cycle information as a small "payback" for that help!

Why is it important to enter my cycle?
We can look at statistics like pregnancy rate, gender success rate, and much more, such as how many eggs are usually retrieved, how many embryos are usually abnormal, whether PGD gender results match the MicroSort sort percentage, etc.  Statistics like this are very helpful when considering future cycles, and in general this type of information is not otherwise available for IUI/IVF attempts by fertile women for gender selection.

How do I enter my cycle?
Just go to the My Surveys page, and click "enter new high tech cycle".    (You can click Survey at the top, then My Surveys at the left to find this page.)  

  • Please enter EVERY cycle, even cancelled, no transfer, and no pregnancy cycles.
  • You may start a survey up to 2 weeks prior to beginning your cycle.
  • You may edit/update your survey at any time after entering it.

How do I look at other people's surveys?
Click High Tech Survey Results to view a searchable, sortable list of all cycles.  Click any cycle to view details.
Click High Tech Stats to view some charts showing cycle outcomes. (More to be added!)

What if I don't enter my cycle?
If you post details about your cycle in this forum, a cycle may be entered for you in the database by myself or a forum leader.  You'll see your cycle on your My Surveys page and you can update the survey to add additional information.  Also, if you start a survey but don't update it with your cycle outcome, it may be updated for you if you post here about it.   But, I really hope you will enter your own cycle!

What if I don't want to post the details of my cycle publicly?
The survey includes an option to enter your cycle anonymously, which hides your username on the survey.

If you have any suggestions for improving the survey, please let me know! 

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