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mummy3boys pregnancy update-Jaime is born


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19-Jun-08 1:30 am

Hi guys,  Amy (mummy3boys) asked if I could post on here to let you know her not so good news.  (I am a member on here and a friend IRL of Amy, but haven't posted for a long time - I need to change my user name to my3boys now LOL!)

Anyway Amy had a fall a few a weeks back and her mucous plug came away, she checked in with her midwife and baby was fine, but a couple of days ago her waters broke.  She was flown to Hamilton Hospital which is about 5 hours drive away from where she lives.  Baby is ok at the moment but the fluid level is very low.  She hasn't had any contractions, and the main concern now is that infection could set in; at which time baby will need to be delivered.  At this stage the little guy is staying put and hopefully will continue to do so as they have only just gone past 24 weeks.  He has been given steroids to help with his lungs.  Amy is missing her other boys lots but is in the best place at the moment.  The longer he stays in the better as each day that passes he gets a little bit stronger.

Anyway thats where things are at thet moment and just letting those of you who are familiar with mummy3boys know what is happening as she was concerned you might think she had done awol!  LOL!





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19-Jun-08 2:45 am

Oh the poor thing!! I will be praying that her little boy stays put until its safe for him to come into the world Pray

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19-Jun-08 4:28 am

Pray  for her and her little boy.

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19-Jun-08 6:14 am

Pray that all is fine with her and her little boy.....

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20-Jun-08 4:08 am

Sending prayers Pray to her and all in her family. May her little man stay safe for as long as he can.Hearts

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20-Jun-08 4:32 am

How horrible for her and scary.  Praying for her and her little man.  Thanks for the update!

jjn Pray

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20-Jun-08 6:49 am

She and her little one are in my prayers.  I hope her little one is able to stay in for many more weeks! 

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20-Jun-08 1:00 pm

Omg!!!! I will be praying for her!!! Hope bubs can stay put for a little while longer!!

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20-Jun-08 1:02 pm

 So scary!  Pray for her baby.

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20-Jun-08 1:14 pm

Oh no! I'm praying for her and her baby. Hearts


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20-Jun-08 1:18 pm

I'll be keeping her and her little one in my thoughts.  Hearts 

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22-Jun-08 12:19 am

Hi ladies,  Jaime was born a couple of days ago, he weighed in at 716 grams.  He has been having a hard time with his lungs, and had a rough day today medically.  Amy's boys are going to fly down to see her, Dad and bubs.  Touch and go at this stage, so keep sending you prayers and thoughts.



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22-Jun-08 12:28 am

Pray that baby Jamie makes it thru okay......they are in my thoughts and prayers....


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22-Jun-08 12:39 am

Pray for baby Jamie!

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22-Jun-08 12:46 am

Pray for little Jaime and his family

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