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7-Jun-08 7:52 pm
I got a reading from Ruby and it was really wonderful she was correct on my bfp but since then I had a miscarriage her link is

#6 It's a boy!

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26-Jun-08 3:35 pm

NO. But on she is giving a ways free Ruby predictions every other day she asked cheri if she can share a link in her website. So Cheri is giving away 6 free predictions you need to win to get them.

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26-Jun-08 4:11 pm

I am waiting for my reading so will update when I receive it.

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30-Jun-08 5:44 am

Yes I have, and TBH I was not very happy.  She came up with some really bizzare and almost offensive stuff.

Like the child would not be very popular and not have many friends and she wanted further payment for a clarification question, which Cheri, Brooke and Jenny are more than happy to do.

Also looked a bit cut and pasted to me.



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30-Jun-08 12:51 pm

 Thats really strangeI have heard alot of people liked her and she was really nice for me and picked up on alot of things. What did she say that was so offensive. She never charged me for clarification at all and I have never heard of her charging others for clarifcation I do know that she has other payment options if you want a bigger reading because the $10 one only covers the current child you are pregnant with or the next future child if you have questions about more than one future child I know thats $20, but for follow up with whatever readings I have had no matter how much they where she need never said anything about extra I was very happy with her  I would rather have someone be honest than not. Maybee she meant that the child wouldnt have to many friends, but close friends. She didnt seem mean at all to me. 

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30-Jun-08 4:55 pm

Hi got my reading back and she is the 3rd pyschic to say BOY.  I have felt strongly from the start that this baby is a boy and I really want to beleive her reading.  I have recently been given a high risk of Downs after an AFP test and am undergoing further investigation and if I beleive in this it means he is HEALTHY. I have enclosed her reading below because I thought it was so nice. Oh yeah I am a Science teacher so a career in Science might be fitting:

Im seeing a boy around this pregnancy. Im showing him with EXACTLY your husbands hair color and style when he gets older. It also feels when hes born he will STRONGLY have a head full or hair. Im not seeing if its thick or not when hes born, but it feels like there will be plenty. I see him with medium brown eyes, your nose, your husbands eyes and eyebrows, and your facial shape. I also see him having your husbands body frame, but a little bit skinnier.

The 1st thing I pick up about him is that he feels VERY natural. Feels like he will always want to be outside picking up rocks, collecting fireflys, examing frogs, helping you garden as he loves the dirt in his hands. He will be the child that likes tumbling rocks, that has a solar system in his bedroom, or has an ant farm. Not only does he feel VERy natural in what he likes too do, but when hes older he feels a big health nut with excersing, what he eats, etc..He would prefer taking something natural or going to a chiropractor or holistic doctor instead of taking aspirin or going to an actual doctor. In fact I see him easily allergic or upset to things with grease, grape dye, etc..

I see him doing things very quickly and very straightfoward if that makes sense. He will walk early im showing, talk early, potty train early, and there will be no funny business with it.IT will have a sense of serious feel to it if that makes sense. He will also be one of those children that are always a level or WAY more ahead in school with reading, match, etc..

I see him being VERY happy to help you out from an early age. Not only does he know his parents deserve the utmost respect, he loves the feeling of being wanted that comes along with helping out. Hes defiantly a little boy who will not be afraid of going grocery shopping for his mother or when hes older cooking dinner for his wife and washing his own clothes. In fact he feels very much a neat freak, so he will clean his room spic and span before you tell him.

He also seems VERY tight with money. I mean that in the best possible way as well. Seems he could make two pennies squal and be the one who finds the best deal in town for that bussiness suit. Sometimes hes to tight too and needs to learn how to splurge and live life on the edge once in awhile.

I see him in a career related too biology or chemistry. Love, Ruby

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1-Jul-08 1:39 am

Just an opinion thats all........... 

As we all know its for fun and thats why I purchased it................................was just saying that there were some odd things in it and the way it was phrased was not my cup of tea.


With that said was it worth the $10 bucks, why not its for fun.



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1-Jul-08 3:15 am

I got my Ruby reading.

To be honest even though she was very in-depth, I wouldn't relate to anything she was saying, it felt a bit cut and pasted to me as well..??

Decided not to bother with any more predictions. Its 50:50 so some are going to be right and others wrong. Not sure if I believe in it all particularly as its done over the internet?!


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5-Jul-08 8:29 am

I had mine and she got the gender wrong, she said girl and the u/s says BOY!!! Hooray! I told her she had described my girls that I already have. She didnt feel that she did. But I KNOW she did!! LOL. And she was shocked I told her it was a BOY. CHeri had predidted boy months ago however. Actually I had went a tad..prediction crazy and EVERYone boy ruby and jenny said boy. O well! I got my boy!

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6-Jul-08 9:24 pm

Yes, I got mine a while ago, I posted on the other thread in the subforum.  I'm cutting and pasting some bits together, the original email did not sound choppy like this:


I see your bfp between August/Sept this year. Im showing a little girl for
you. Im seeing her with your color hair exactly, however it feels more on
just the dark brown side when shes born and very little. It feels like age 4
she will start having auburn or red color in it as well.

  I see her laughing al the time. Thats the first thing personality wise I got
about her. She will just laugh at the smallest thing.

I see her being very communicative through her life as well, from a baby to
adult. When she starts talking it wont be just babble, it will be pretty
intellectual in fact and she will be able to form complete sentences early
on. She strives to get the most information in she can from people and the
enviroment and thrives on giving it back out too.

I see her having a really big patience level. It will take alot to get her
made. She will forgive someone even if they have done something really bad
to her unfortunatly. You will really need to help her at times watch out for
herself as she feels she has to give to others first. Which nothing is wrong
with that, but you cant forget number one.

I see her in a career where she heals people. Such as counseling for
children or working in a funeral home as a grief counselor. Love, Ruby

The part I left out was about how she'd be into butterflies and dragonflies and hair clips. . . odd, but whatever Happy Wink  

I was pleased with the reading.  I thought she was personable and we emailed back and forth a little about my birthclub.  I hope like crazy that she is right and will update whenever I can! 

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14-Jul-08 7:55 am

I got my reading form Ruby the other day and thought I would post it...I liked it...hope she's right!!!  It was fun though!!

Im seeing a girl around this pregnancy. Im showing her with light
brown to medium brown hair and fair eyes. I don't see what eye color,
but they do feel on the lighter side. It also feel she VERY MUCH looks
like her own person. Im seeing her having the shape of your eyes, but
alot of it doesn't look like you. Please dont take offense in that,
but im seeing a smaller nose and the face shape seems more defined, it
also feels her chin is smaller in size and her face more narrow. I do
see that she will REALLY have your skin tone too. However I see her
VERY much having your frame and it feels possibly broad shoulders, or
broader than average shoulders for a female.

Im seeing your daughter, being VERY adult like early on. Im not saying
she won't know how to have fun, but she has that vibe like shes grown
up beyond her years and like shes been through a million lifetimes.
Plus she just has a really strong work ethic from day one. When you
tell her to clean up for example it will be very thorough, you won't
have to tell her a million times to do so and when shes an adult I see
her working alot to get things very early in life like a house, a car,
etc.. She will do this as she will know how important it is to be set
and that no one is always going to be there to take care of her. Im
not saying she will be materialistic, just wants to be prepared for
whatever life may hand her, especially financially and not have to
have a man.

I also see her being very opionated, she wont ever be afraid of being
herself and honestly feels having the here I am attitiude take it or
leave it. She will never ever be ashamed of who she is and what she
believes in and I even see her dress going along with this whether
shes a size 2 or a size 20 I see her always dressing in a manner that
is bold and proud. She will hate if anyone is not true with her as
well and wont hang onto a relationship if someone lies to her. Because
of her being opionted and blunt with caring, I see family members and
friends constantly going to her for counsel and her being a great
healer for all of them.

I see her loving toys that require alot of really smart thinking. Im
showing toys that are her age level will actually bore her too death.
Its showing she likes ones that are more complex where you have to
really dig into it to see how it works and or to make it work. I also
see her into alot of toys that are more considered"boy" toys like
trucks, wrestling, racetracks.

Im seeing her in a career related too warehouse work. It feels either
dispatching or possibly working on an assembly line. Love, Ruby

It doesn't really decribe any of my other children...two of them have light to medium brown hair but have dark eyes, not light has light to medium hair with bright eyes, and not a strong work ethic...I would peg more as describes someone totally different than the children I have yet similar in certain aspects of all of them...except she is so certain that this baby is a girl as she keeps mentioning girl, daughter, etc!!  I really hope she is right...we'll find out soon enough...probably in a few weeks when I have an u/s!

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22-Jul-08 10:58 pm

good to hear the predictions. I think with any psychic it can be a hit or miss with anything they see or predict. ALl I know is I hope we all get our bfps soon and I enjoyed my experience with her. GL ladies and congrats to the preggys already 

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29-Jul-08 2:30 pm

I paid for a reading from her over two weeks ago and she has not even got back to me within the 7 to 10 days, which is the timescale for a reading.  I've emailed her and I've still not received her response so I'm upset that I've paid for something and not heard from her.  Doesn't make me feel confident of her or reliable at all.

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29-Jul-08 3:25 pm

 Im sorry did you make sure you emailed you infomration seperate from your payment. I know I had to with mine. maybee thats why she hasnt responded to you? I know shes been sick too I just got an email from her today saying shes catching up due to having pnemonia. Hope you get it soon

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29-Jul-08 3:38 pm


 Im sorry did you make sure you emailed you infomration seperate from your payment. I know I had to with mine. maybee thats why she hasnt responded to you? I know shes been sick too I just got an email from her today saying shes catching up due to having pnemonia. Hope you get it soon

Thanks for that.  I've just got an email from her!  She said she has been ill and will read for me by Friday.  I will update the thread after.

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