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Terms heard in Labor and Delivery......


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IUGR- short for Intrauterine Growth Restriction- It means that the baby is not growing in measurements coinciding with your number of gestational weeks that you are. In other words the baby is smaller than it should be, so it's growth has been resticted inside because of some reason. Some causes are high blood pressure, low amniotic fluid, heavy smoker, small placenta, etc....

SGA- Small for gestational Age- An example is a full term baby that weighs 4 pounds. The baby is full term yet is much smaller than it should be for full term.

LGA- Large for gestational age- Babies who weigh more than they should. For example a 35 week baby that weighs 9 pounds. Diabetics tend to have these babies.

PIH- Pregnancy induced hypertension- High blood pressure caused by the pregnancy- causes lots of complications for Mom and Baby during pregnancy and delivery- The cure is to deliver the baby.

Foley- The name of the urinary catheter.

IUPC- Intrauterine pressure catheter- placed inside the cervix to most accurately monitor contractions.

Amnioinfusion- Catheter placed in cervix that constantly puts out fluid to either replace fluid to cushion the baby or to try to wash out thick meconium.


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