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At my last doctor's appointment...

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4-Jun-08 10:59 pm

...I was told not to stray too far from the hospital.  I am now almost 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced, with the baby's head low in my pelvis (that I could have told the doc myself).  Either I'm headed into labor soon (with a second preterm baby) or I am going to have the longest 5-6 weeks of my life.  Knowing that my body is getting ready to deliver this baby makes me more anxious for her arrival, even though I know that women can walk around for weeks and weeks dilated and effaced.  Anyone else in the same boat?   

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5-Jun-08 3:42 pm

I was dilated(1cm) and effaced(50%) at 27 weeks and have been stuck in bed ever since I got out of the hospital.  I also am on a home monitor and home terbutaline pump to control contractions.  I really can't beleive that people go weeks dilated and effaced but I have heard many people say it happens all the time.  Especially as early as it happened for me.  Maybe you should try and rest as much as possible so that you do not deliver preterm.  As uncomfortable as it feels, it is the best thing to do to let the baby finish"cooking".  Good Luck to youGood Luck Clover

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5-Jun-08 4:51 pm

How exciting!!! Its getting closer to time! I think i might be dialated too. At my next appt on Friday th 13th im gonna ask them to check me

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6-Jun-08 7:02 am

We never get checked to see if we are dialating until we go into Labour.

Last week my baby was still breech. If she's like it next week than I'll have to go and see the consultant. I hate going to the consultant. So fingers crossed she turns.

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