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spotting today..please pray


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27-May-08 2:02 pm

Hi all. I am spotting today and a little scared. I am waiting to hear back from the dr to see when they can squeeze me in. Please pray for my little bean. thanks Pray

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27-May-08 2:10 pm

Pray  Pray  Pray  Pray  Pray

hang on little bean!!!!   [[HUGS]]

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27-May-08 2:22 pm

thanks for the good wishes. Dr  called and said that its normal to have spotting after intercourse and not to worry unless i am having heavy cramping and period like bleeding. So hope that helps others if they have the same problem. I hope it doesnt get worse......keep praying please....

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27-May-08 2:34 pm

Pray  Thinking of you and your bean!  Stick stick stick! 

I had some spotting too after bumping my cervix, it's really scary! 

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27-May-08 2:38 pm

I will add you to my prayer journal. Pray

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27-May-08 2:51 pm


       Did it stop yet?  I know I had some spotting with DS#4 and it is scary.

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27-May-08 2:52 pm

You're in my prayers. Hearts



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27-May-08 3:22 pm

thanks everyone :)

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27-May-08 3:33 pm





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27-May-08 3:57 pm

Prayi had spotting after intercourse too with this pregnancy, i say dont worry! was it right after intercourse?

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27-May-08 5:12 pm

Pray Sending you lots of baby sticky dust (((hugs)))

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27-May-08 7:56 pm

Did they get you in? Please update when you can. I posted this in mommyem's post, but I had spotting with both previous pregnancies and everything was fine. It was old blood coming through.

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27-May-08 8:37 pm

I'll be Pray for you.


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27-May-08 8:59 pm

P&PT headed your way! TJ

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27-May-08 9:02 pm

I hope all is well.  Spotting is actually really common in pregnancy--but it's so scary.  I hope you've managed to get an appointment and have confirmed that all is finePray

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