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How is everyone doing these days??

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27-May-08 3:13 pm

 Things were going good here. Since being hospitalized too at 26weeks, I've had no more problems. BUT on Sunday I had a trickle, just brushed it aside thinking maybe it was urine Worried BUT today I've had a few period pains and a little gush of liquid. So spet most of the day in hospital being monitored. Have no idea if im losing my waters or not. The hospital were pretty useless!

DS1 is on Half Term here so its nice not walking him to school and back everyday. Im struggling to walk now.

DS2 was 2 yesterday so we took him out for Dinner. Our last Dinner out as a family of 4Happy

I have my Midwife coming to visit me on Thursday as im on weekly visits now due to raised BP and I have glucose in my urine, then next week I see my consultant and get my Date for my Section Surprise

 We have nothing ready for this baby. I have only just packed my bags, but the carrycot is still packed in the box, I havnt bought any sheets to use on the carrycot yet, and there is no room in our bedroom to fit te baby in! (Im glad nesting has kicked in so I can spend my time getting stuff sorted now lol)

Cant believe it'll all be over in about 4 weeks! EEK 

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