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How is everyone doing these days??

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25-May-08 10:24 pm

After being AWOL for awhile, I've been popping online more lately... to check out the latest birth announcements, and also because the last 6 weeks of pregnancy just seem to drag on and on.  After some preterm labor (hospitalized at 26 weeks for 3 days) and a little more dilation at 32 weeks, things seem to have stabilized for me.  I'll bet I go past my due date despite all this craziness during my pregnancy!!

How are the rest of the July moms doing??  Is everyone ready for their new arrivals??  (I personally have done nothing to prepare a nursery b/c we are presently out of our house due to home renovations -- but I unpacked the breast pump and have started to clean and organize my bitty baby clothes).  How are the older siblings getting along?  My boys can't believe how BIG I am getting.  My oldest was only 2 years old when my second was born, so he really didn't get it.  But now, at 6 and almost 4 years old, they are totally getting into the baby.  It's making the experience more fun for me :-)

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well.  You ladies were such great support to me while I waited for ultrasound/gender results... I'd love to hear how everyone is doing as we all near the births of our babies.  I'm thinking of you all...

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