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Which do you like more for a boys nursery?

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22-May-08 4:46 pm

 Okay, all of this is just thinking about what I will do if I do have a boy...

For the safari animal ones, I already have it but I've had it for like 5+ years and it's been in storage this whole time.  I got it for DC1 since we didn't find out the gender, but when she turned out to be a girl at birth I decided not to use it.  And right now I'm letting a neighbor borrow it for a few months.  It's a homemade set from fabric we bought at Walmart.  There is a crib comfortor with the big animals on the front and the moon, sun, clouds, stars on the back.  Then there is a bumper pad and a diaper stacker thing with the little animals all over it.  I actually got these pictures off of a set on ebay someone made from the same fabric kit.  And I don't have matching sheets, I would just use some plain blue ones or something.  I could get more fabric (or I may have leftovers) to make curtains or something if I wanted.  For painting the nursery I'm going to do the bottom 1/3 of the wall green, then the top 2/3 of the wall blue for either choice.  I'm also going to put clouds on the blue part.  But for the safari one I would somehow add the little animals either prints of them in frames or actually have them painted on the walls.  And I was going to do a sun on the wall and probably some type of jungle type tree.  Then maybe put glow in the dark star and moon stickers on the ceiling. 

For the planes, trains, and trucks it's by Olive Kids and I would have to buy it.  It comes in a toddler bed or twin/full size options.  So it doesn't come with a bumper pad.  If I decided to go with it I'd have to find/make a matching bumper pad with the blue and white plaid or something.  But it comes with a ton of accessories to match for decorating and things.  And since it comes in toddler and twin/full sizes I could use this theme all the way from babyhood all the way up until like pre-teen age or whatever.  For decorating the walls I'd probably just buy the wall stickies they offer and put some planes in the sky and put some trains and trucks on some roads or something.  Or I was just thinking of getting some little shelves and putting actual die cast models of trains, trucks, and planes on the shelfs and on the dresser and stuff. 

My other option is I could do both.  Use the safari one I already have until he would grow out of the crib/toddler stage, then get the planes, trains, and truck set once he is big enough to be in a twin sized bed.  Or perhaps by then I would find a different set I liked better, or he would be into some other boy type things.  I wouldn't be terribly sad to not to get to use the safari animals ones.  I still like it, but when I saw the plane, trains, and trucks one I liked it just as much or maybe even more.  So what does everyone think I should do?     


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22-May-08 7:08 pm

LOL!!! we got that safari animals blanket as a gift for DS when he was born !!! it is our car/stroller blanket!!!

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23-May-08 8:25 pm

I like your idea of using both!  They are both just darling for a little boy!  He is going to have such a cute room!!!  Blue baby dust for you from me!!! TJ

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24-May-08 3:45 pm

I like the planes, trains and trucks..... its very similar to my own boys' rooms!  definitely a winner!


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24-May-08 3:50 pm


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24-May-08 4:01 pm

I have always loved that planes/trains/trucks set from Olive!  DS#3 had the crib set that was the Target knock-off of that design!  

I vote, use the safari set for the crib set and get the other set later.  Best of both worlds! 

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24-May-08 4:55 pm


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24-May-08 5:34 pm

planes, trains and automobiles !!!

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24-May-08 8:30 pm
Planes, trains, and trucks


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24-May-08 9:45 pm

Neither are my style really, but I like the colors in the planes/trains one.  I prefer a slightly more eclectic look--I like coordinating but not matching.  If I were you I'd look on ebay for a bumper pad and then find a sheet to coordinate with it.  Paint a cute mural on the walls (or buy wall stickers) and go from there. 

I really hope that you get to do a boy room, but if not my dd's room is blue and green on the wall so I think it is perfect for either gender :)

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27-May-08 8:21 am

 I love the planes trains automobiles.

I think the safari one is very gender neutral... of course not the one you picked because it is blue... but just the safari theme in general.

And after 3 girls....i would want the most boyish thing possible if i were you. JMO


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2-Jun-08 2:26 pm

I love the primary colors of the planes, trains, automobiles.  That's my vote. 

I really hope that you get your little boy.  I am sending you more

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4-Jun-08 10:51 pm

The safari one is adorable! you can get lots of stuff to match it Agree 

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29-Jan-09 5:34 pm

 From your pics I like trains.

But I like animals too!

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2-Feb-09 10:02 am


I like the automobiles!!


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