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Forum Tip: New feature, quick jump to a forum! (Gold members, please try out this feature!)

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13-May-08 9:41 pm

Note: At this time this new feature is visible only to Gold members.  This is for "beta testing" to make sure the feature works as intended, and doesn't cause any performance problems with the site.  

The new feature allows you to quickly jump to any forum without having to search through the giant list of forums!  When you're making a new post, it makes it really easy to choose the forum you want and jump to that forum.

On the main forums page, you'll see a new "Jump to Forum" thingie. (You'll only see this if you are a Gold member.  If you are a Gold member and you do NOT see this button, please reply here and let me know.)


 Just mouseover the button to navigate quickly to any forum you are allowed to view.


You can click on a forum group, a forum, or a subforum.

I'm not quite happy with how this looks (the white on green is too hard to read, etc.) and I would like to add icons or color-coding to identify gold/private forums from public forums, so I will be tweaking that -- but I think our forum "power users" will find this really handy!  Please give it a try and reply here to let me know what you think. 

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13-May-08 10:46 pm

ya it seems to work.  But I don't see how it will be better than the new post feature I use ALL the time.

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13-May-08 10:49 pm

 LOVE it because I can see the subforums!!  Great idea!

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14-May-08 4:27 am

I don't see how it will be better than the new post feature I use ALL the time.

This is not really about reading new posts -- I think it's handy when I want to make a new post; e.g. I want to start a new thread in mommy mayhem and I have to scroll all the way down the page to get to it.  Instead you can go straight to it.

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12-Sep-08 8:18 am

Is this feature still available?  I don't see it.


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12-Sep-08 8:21 am

 I removed this feature because there were performance problems, and also it never displayed correctly on Internet Explorer.  I really liked it though!

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