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Forum Tip: Use the enhanced editor for more options when writing a post (like font size and color)

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13-May-08 10:22 am

If you are only seeing one row of buttons on the editor toolbar when you write a post, you're using the basic editor.  You can switch to the advanced editor to get some more options, such as changing font size and color in the post.

  • Click My Profile
  • Click Site Options
  • Set Content Editor to Enhanced
  • Click Save
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13-May-08 10:59 am

Thank you! I've been wondering about this Happy  LOL

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13-May-08 11:10 am

I'm very excited for both font and color Happy  LOL

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24-Jun-08 5:49 am

Ooo that's better! I kept forgetting to check out these Forum Tips because I have to scroll down, so lazy! 

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28-May-09 12:40 pm

 Is there any way to keep the color we like? I love this midnightblue. But I always have to pick it out even ifI just skip a line.Takes to long.Stick out tongue


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