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I finally felt the baby move

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11-May-08 9:47 pm

and do did dh on the same day!  And it was on Mothers day! Heart

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11-May-08 9:58 pm sweet!!!  My babies are always daddy shy...they like to stop moving the second he touches me...he never did feel DS#5 while he was still inside me...but then again he was just shy altogether...when the dr tried to get a heartbeat at 11 weeks and 15, he would hide...she could hear him moving, but then when she did get he would move before she count more than 5 beats!!!

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B/C really is only 99% effective!!! LOL DH and I are very excited (and relieved) to have gotten our surprise Baby Bear Girl

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11-May-08 10:04 pm

Congratulaions on feeling baby move and on Mothers Day too..Score!!!! Baby wanted to say happy mothers day to sweet =)

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11-May-08 10:09 pm

What a nice Mother's Day gift!  Hearts

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11-May-08 10:26 pm
What a great Mothers Day gift!! How very special....something you will remember forever and ever!!


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11-May-08 10:40 pm

Ahhh how sweet :) Must be a baby boy. My boys always moved a lot and this baby hardly moves at all and its a girl :)

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11-May-08 10:47 pm
What a special mother’s day gift. Just perfectHearts

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11-May-08 10:58 pm

 YAY!!! That is a wonderful mother's day gift!!


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12-May-08 6:45 am
what a great mother's day gift!!
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12-May-08 6:49 am

 thats awesome, red.  i love that feeling.

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12-May-08 6:53 am neat!  Love it!

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12-May-08 5:16 pm

its up there with one of the best feelings in the world!!! i really miss the kicks and movement after delivery

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13-May-08 8:29 am

Awww i love feeling the movements

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13-May-08 8:33 am


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13-May-08 8:35 am

that had to be a great mothers day present

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