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Forum Tip: You know you want to put this cool slideshow in your profile!

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6-May-08 6:30 pm

You know you want it!  I made this one with stock images.  Instructions are below. 

  • Create a slideshow:
    • Go to Picturetrail (click that black button above) and sign up for a free account.
    • After you register, click the Slideshows tab at the top (it sort of leads you to a different section when you register, go back to Slideshows).
    • Upload your photos and create your slideshow. 
    • View code for your slideshow; click the blue "Copy Posting Code" button.
  • Add it to your bio in your profile:
    • Click My Profile, then click the Bio tab.
    • On the editor toolbar, click the HTML button.
    • Don't be scared. HTML will not hurt you.  Or only rarely.
    • Just paste your code at the beginning (press ctrl+v to paste) and don't delete anything that's already there. Click Update.
    • You'll only see the black buttons showing up in the editor, not the slideshow.  That's okay.  Just click save.
    • View your public profile to check out your creation!


Here's another one I made:

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9-May-08 9:39 am

Holy Cow Maureen!  I opened the site at work and my computer sounded like it was a jet engine ready to take off!  LOL Happy ROFL

That's pretty cool but I may have to wait until I get home to use it! 

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27-May-09 6:40 pm

Thanks for this tip! I don't like to post pics but this is so cool I made one!Stick out tongue


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27-May-09 6:43 pm

That is so cool, I might give it a try Happy Wink

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