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Forum Tip: Use the image picker to add additional smileys and multiple photos to your posts!

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6-May-08 9:26 am

Here's the great new feature that's been here all along!

Image Picker: Click this icon on the editor tool bar when you are writing a new post

You can use the image picker to quickly browse and insert images in posts when you are editing a forum post, blog post, your bio in your profile, anything!   Yes, you can put multiple images in a single post.

  • Use it to add "clickable" images like additional smileys, glitter graphics, and more!  Many of you have asked for more smileys, and now we'll have them -- and even organized into categories.
  • Use it to easily add images from a photo gallery to a forum post or blog post.  You'll be able to insert the full-sized image, or multiple thumbnails that link to the full-sized image! 

Here's how it works.  Click the  icon and the image picker pops up.

  • The Photos tab lists all photo galleries that you have permission to view. 
  • If you have a blog, you will also have a tab for your blog. So can easily reuse a pic from a blog post in another blog post, or put pics you used in your blog in a forum post.

Now click one of the Clickables folders.  Suppose you were writing a post to wish me a happy birthday.

  • Just click the Birthday folder, scroll through the birthday images until you find one you like.  Double-click it and BADABING, it appears in your post!
  • I will be adding more categories for Clickables and more images.  If you would like to suggest some images for clickables, go to  the Suggest a Clickable photo gallery, and upload the image you'd like to suggest.

    (Note: Don't use images from the "Suggest a Clickable" folder in your posts, because they may be moved or deleted from that folder.)

If you're adding a photo, you might want to use some options.

  • You can change Image Size to thumbnail (other sizes are available) and link the image to the original image, or the image details (the description that was entered when the photo was uploaded to the gallery). 

If you selected a photo gallery that you are allowed to add photos to, you'll also have an Upload Photo tab, like this.

  • You can quickly add a photo right to your photo gallery!

WARNING!!!  Images added to your photo gallery DO NOT SHOW UP IMMEDIATELY in the image picker!  Yes that is stupid!  But they don't!  You may have to close the image picker and wait several minutes for the image to show up.  Don't upload the same image 15 times because it doesn't show up right away.  This is also true if you add the image directly to the photo gallery.

I hope you like the image picker!  Happy posting. Kiss


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6-May-08 10:06 am

 YAY!!!  This IS veeeeerrrryyy cool!  Now no more multiple posts of one picture each! 

See?  I used it!  Easy Peasy!  I love the upload photo feature too! 

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6-May-08 10:08 am

I KNOW!!!  And it has been sitting there for a YEAR or more and we never noticed it!  I think it's because the icon is so lame.  Maybe I can come up with a better one.

Mom to And Microsort/IUI twins!

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6-May-08 10:18 am

 Yeah; it kinda looks like a spreadsheet tool or something along those lines!  I think I've actually clicked on it before and didn't explore it.  

OK I uploaded a blinkie from my computer into the "Suggest a clickable" folder...we'll see if it shows up soon! 

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6-May-08 10:19 am

Does your pic have to be in the gallery to have more than 1 on a post?


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6-May-08 10:20 am

just had to try this out


and now for a second image


hum??? second image got popped to the top? probably user error???!?!?!? anyway, i LIKE IT!
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hoping for BFPs for all my IG girls!..... lets see those second lines!!!

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6-May-08 10:27 am

I changed the icon to this:   Now that looks like something interesting to click on.

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6-May-08 10:54 am

Ok...just playing around with it.....

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6-May-08 11:09 am


LOVE it!!!! 

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6-May-08 11:27 am

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29-Aug-08 4:02 pm


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29-Aug-08 4:55 pm

I wanna play... 


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4-Oct-08 1:48 pm

 I added this pic to the babies gallery but don't know how to rename it now that it's there.  I would like to simply name it 'Benjamin'.

How do I add a folder for my photos? I love this feature, btw!


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4-Oct-08 2:06 pm

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28-Dec-08 3:06 pm

I don't know if anyone will see this now, but how do you put a pic of a test on a post?

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