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newest update on me

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5-May-08 1:22 pm

Ok so last Monday I went to the doc and was 2-3cm 50% effaced.  Since I wasn't 37 weeks they put my on modified bed rest till this past Saturday. 

Well, on Saturday I started having contractions and they were getting close.  We went to the hospital and they said I was almost a 4 and still about 50% effaced.  Well, the first hour there they had me hooked up to the monitors and all was good.  Baby was doing great etc.  So, the next hour they let me get up and walk around to see if I could get things going.  Well, after I walk for an hour not much had changed but the nurse said now my bag of waters was bulging with each contraction.  So, they gave me two options I could stay and see if I made more progress or go home and come back.  Well, I hate being at the hospital so I came home.  I thought I would rather be at home and be able to eat and all that good stuff.  Well, I got home, ate, and took a hot shower.  I was still having lots of contractions and once I got out I thought I would lay down for a bit.  I was so tired and it was a little after 10 so I thought well if I am going to labor all night I want to be rested.  So, I layed down and actually feel alseep (I guess my hypnobabies worked too good lol).  Anyway, by the time I woke up pretty much all my contractions had stopped!!! 

So......yesterday I lost my mucus plug and was just waiting for it all to start up again and nothing.  I even took a long walk and still nothing  Then this morning I went to my doc appt and she checked me.  She was basically like why are you not in labor.  LOL  I am a good 4cm now almost 5 and 65-75% + effaced.  And now I wait.  LOL   I went to the park with dd and dh this morning to help get stuff moving.  I am now started to feel a few contractions but they still don't feel very strong yet and they are not coming in any type of pattern.  But once dd gets up from nap I think we will head to the store and walk around a bit.  Maybe that will help it.  So, keep your fingers crossed maybe this time tomorrow I will be holding my new litte man in my arms!!!!!!   Happy Smile

Katesdreamgirl- I was just going to let you know that so far the hypnobabies has worked great!!  I mean everything has felt like pressure and that is it.  Even my dh was like wow it is so different this time.  You are so focused and not at all like you were last time.  So, I really do think this is going ot be amazing.  But I will be sure to fill you in after the real deal.  LOL 

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5-May-08 1:39 pm

 i was just getting on here to post that i bet you had had your baby since i hadnt seen you in awhile!!!  lol.  sounds like things are going awesome!!  im so glad the hypnobabies is working!!  yay!!  im so glad you got to go home and relax.  much better than being at the hospital.  i cant wait to hear your great news.  im just so excited for you!!! more easy labor vibes coming your way! Love Ya!

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