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Differences in pregnancies

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2-May-08 1:50 pm

I posted this on another board and then realized this one may be more fitting here...


okay so I am just wondering how your pregnancies were different or similar. Did it reflect the gender at all? I know every pregnancy is somewhat different but just looking to hear from you ladies that have "been there, done that"...

Like for me, with my DD had loads of morning sickness (all day sickness)Envy, acne like a hormonal teenager, the line of pregnancy was there, carried more compactly, really bad leg cramps.

With this baby (a surprise) at 27 weeks, I have had NO nausea at all, no skin problems at all, no line of pregnancy, carrying a very uncomfortable basketball and nesting like a MAD woman.


How about you ladies...Happy  LOL

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2-May-08 1:58 pm

Sounds like you will be having a boy! But every pregnancy IS different unfortunally so we cant really tell.

DD1-heartburn...peeing all the time.  always hungry, severe leg cramps. very active ...carreid all around!

DD2-MS 3MOS, dissiness for 1 week, out of bread, severe leg cramps, no energy, carried all around!

DS-no ms, painfull lower back pain 1 week, no dissiness, eat normal, leg cramps, very active. Lots of energy! This boy was alway kicking! Carried front basketball.

DD3-painfull lower back, bloating and gassy, no ms, dissiness for 3 days, eating normal. Tension headeaches that will not always go away with Tylenol. Tired and always very sleepy in the beggining. leg cramps, Very hormonal. Chin, cheecks andf forhead  hairs. .This girl was super active always kicking and hitting me especially at night time.  All front very round.

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2-May-08 11:51 pm

well, i don't know what i'm having, but this pregnancy is different from all 3 of my boys.  they were all exactly the same, no m/s, heartburn--really, my pg. are really uneventful.  this time so far i've been sick everyday for almost 3 weeks and am soooo tired.  i'm hoping that means girl for me!!!!  GL!


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3-May-08 11:53 am

With my DS , had some morning sickness but not much , Had headache almost every day, didnt like chicken and meat at first few months, and didnt like smell of any food while it was cooking.

With my DD , had morning sickness but for some reason i will always through up at evening , was ok with chicken and meat and food smells and no headache on daily basises

With this one , had very little mroning sickness , haveing headache pretty much every day, didnt like  chicken and meat and food smell in the begining . With all these syptoms and my 6 years old always saying we are going to have a boy I was 90% sure its a boy but the US showed otherwise .. But i m still hopeing to hear ITS A BOY!! in dilivery room.


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5-May-08 12:51 pm

 LOL! Well your pregnancies sound like mine except the opposite...The first one was the one w/ clear skin and barely any sickness...(I had a little boy)

This time around I'm so broken out that I'm embarrassed! And I have dandruff! I've NEVER had dandruff or dry scalp in my life! (Not sure of the gender yet)

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5-May-08 1:20 pm

I really dont get many pg symptoms but w/ my 3rd I was so sure he was girl b/c I had every symptom in the book!!!!


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5-May-08 2:26 pm

 I'm trying to do most of this from memory, so it may not be extremely accurate...

DD1- carried high and all over, watermelon.  Horrible morning sickness with throwing up first 5 months and last month.  Heartburn lasted last 4 months.  Craved pot roast and fruit smoothies.  Really hormonal.  Gained 40 pounds.   

DD2- Carried high and out front, basketball.  Not as bad m/s but still throwing up.  No heartburn.  No real cravings.  Really depressed.  Gained 20 pounds.    

DD3- carried low and all over, watermelon.  Some m/s more than DD2 but less than DD1 with throwing up.  Little bit of heartburn.  Craved ice cream, chinese food, and pizza.  Some moodswings but not horrible.  Gained 35 pounds.

This pregnancy- well I'm only a few weeks.  But so far I feel sick every now and then, but not throwing up yet like I did with other pregnancies.  Lower back pain.  Boob soreness.  I feel like I'm already starting to pop out?  Only craving has been for donuts/cookies.  I feel like I'm eating a lot and losing weight.  I seem to be a lot less emotional.  And I've already had some indigestion/heartburn.  We'll see what symptoms are like in a few more months though.       

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5-May-08 2:45 pm

With DD#1 I was sick for about a week, mainly just queezy. Hot dogs made me vomit the entire time I was PG and I threw up after eating left over chinese once (which has killed chinese left overs for me for eternity). My skin looked great, my hair looked great. I craved chocolate milk. (YUCK!!) I carried right smack in the middle. Gained 40 pounds.

With DD#2 I was only sick for about 3 days. I threw up only once and it was from grapefruit juice. My hair was oily, my skin broke out like crazy. I craved salty things, pickles, boiled peanuts, oilves. Anything salty. I carried right smack in the middle. I gained 40 pounds.

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6-May-08 5:29 am


With DD1 - had a really bad temper/was emotional in first 12 weeks, felt sick but didn't actually vomit, went off all food for a couple of weeks and actually lost weight in first 12 weeks - made up for that afterwards as ended up putting on 42lbs, carried in middle and round and I thought out front but mother told me I was actually all round! Had clear skin, glossy hair - craved mexican food, cheese, nachos, beer, meat esp steak - but also ate my fair share of chocolate and loads of fruit, was really healthy and had that glow towards the end. Girl Moon/Girl Sign. A few people guessed girl, no one really guessed boy.

This time round - not emotional, felt sick for longer than 12 weeks but never vomited and it didn't put me off eating, haven't lost appetite although have not fancied red meat at all though recently have eaten more of it, have had a really sweet tooth this time - was really into haribo tangy sweets - went off chocolate for a while now eat loads of it - loads of cheese, crisps and coca-cola. Really bad headaches, been really sick with bugs and flus - clear skin and good hair but have felt unhealthy for most of the time. Have not had the 'glow'. So far have only put on 21lbs and have 7 weeks to go.  Boy Moon/Boy Sign. My 2 year old keeps saying it's a boy, so does my MIL, my cousin and friend.

We had an ambiguous scan so I can't say that baby 2 is 100% a girl - I would say tech was about 70% sure. Can't help feeling it's so different so it must mean boy - but I have learnt from so many people on here and in real life that opposite pregnancies are just as likely to be same baby as you had before as they are to be different sexes!

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14-May-08 1:49 pm

 With DS#1 I only threw once when I found out! I think it was more because of how scared I was! I was 17. However my whole PG was very uneventful. I ate ALOT of everything lol! gained 60lbs

With DS#2 I had nonstop nausea and contarctions the whole 9 months! I drank alot of bannana flavored milk and ate alot of Junk food. Gained 40lbs

With DS#3 I had no nausea nothing! I craved fouintain Coca Cola and could not eat anything fried. I only craved healty foods and could not even handle looking at Ranch dressing! He was a good pregnancy besides that. I gained 5lbs.

I had pretty clear skin with all 3 boys too. Heart 


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