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Forum Tip: Change your date display from American style 5/2/08 to 2/5/08 or May 2, 2008

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2-May-08 9:23 am

By default, dates are displayed American style: month/day/year, so today is 5/2/08.  (Yes, I know it's stupid but what can I say, we can't grasp the metric system either).  If you're accustomed to seeing dates in day/month/year format instead, this can be confusing!

You can easily change the date format  in your profile -- this will fix all dates in the forums, blogs, and photo galleries.

  • Click My Profile
    Click Site Options
    Change the Date Format option

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4-May-08 5:35 am

Thankyou!!  I have always struggled with this, I love your tips!!!

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