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jump start labor

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29-Apr-08 1:48 am

Did yall read the post about what myths about pregnancy and such a true and which ones are false? Well it talked bout how some studies have showed that women who DTD late in pregnancy are actualy more likely to cary to term. (I've also been told that if a woman in labor was to DTD it could stall labor because an O can cause the cervic to contract (or tighten/close), which is teh oposite of what you want to happen when you are trying to go into labor.

The pressure points work. (The one on the hand between the thumb and forefinger had me some contractions going one night and I swear if I hadn't quit and gone to bed I might have had my DD that night, but I was too tired to stay up doing it any more.)

Red-rasbery leaf tea (or pills) can help stimulate the uterus into contracting.

Even primrose oil on the cervix can help it to soften and be more receptive to dilating (I put a gel cap in every night before bed lately).

Nipple stimulation always causes me to have contractions, but unfortunately they stop once I stop and I just can't sit and do that all day long hopping the contractions will lead to having my DD.

Those are my tips, but clearly they haven't done the trick for me yet (I can give myself contrations any time I like, but so far no baby!). It really is about when your body and baby are ready, but I do think all of these great methods combined can help to hasten the day, at least a little bit.

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