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PLEASE Vote For My Microsort Baby Girl!!

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21-Sep-06 7:27 am

All I need you to do is go to the following website and vote for Electra Layci!! Please give the link to everyone you know and post it on all your boards so she can win this thing!! Thanks everyone!! ~~Angie~~


Full-size image


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21-Sep-06 8:23 am
I voted.  She looks like she is in the lead.  I think she is absoutely adorable.  What a dress.  Good luck to her......

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21-Sep-06 9:01 am
Hey Angie!  I voted for her but I didn't see her picture on the page (maybe it was just slow loading the picture?) 

What an adorable dress!!  I can't believe how much she has grown up, what happened to your little toddler???
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21-Sep-06 11:46 am
You got my vote and I hope she wins!!! TJ

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