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Ring Test

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16-Apr-08 8:35 pm


Of all the weird phenomenons out there, this one I believe.  Take a piece of your hair and put your wedding ring through it.  Hold it above your left wrist.  It will start either going in a circle (girl) swing (boy).  After about 30 seconds it will come to the center again and start up if you have more kids.  It did 3 girls and 1 boy for me.  PS, it also counts miscarriages too.  This is really freaky!!!!  I've done it over and over and over again.  The weird thing is when my DH is around it doesn't move at all-probably because he has bad energy.  Try it and let me know!!!

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16-Apr-08 8:43 pm

I've tried this and its FREAKY - everytime it comes up with 4 kids: girl, girl, girl, boy. We lost our first pregnancy so DD is technically our second child.

I just tried it on DH as I didn't know you could and guess what - it came up the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't tell him my result just made him do it and it was the same!!! Now thats freaky!

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16-Apr-08 9:33 pm

OMG - That was sooo spooky!! I didnt believe it would work for a second but it instantly starting swinging, came to a stand still than swang again and finally started going in a huge circle!!! Boy, Boy, Girl for me then!!

PinkyDink - whos hair did you use on DH? My DH hair would be too short so would I use mine?? Also did you hold it for him or did he hold it himself?? Would be interesting to see if we got the same Stick out tongue

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16-Apr-08 9:54 pm

Clarebear - I used my hair, although I could have used his at the moment!!!! MMM maybe thats why we got the same results? He held it himself and I didn't tell him what my results were as I was interested to see if he got the same....and he did! I'm still freaked.

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16-Apr-08 9:55 pm

I think trying to get the ring off at this stage was the challenge. OUCH!!! Mine just kept doing circle the whole time and I have two boys and am currently pregnant and hoping for a Baby Girl

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17-Apr-08 10:31 am

swaying for pink:

I think trying to get the ring off at this stage was the challenge. OUCH!!! Mine just kept doing circle the whole time and I have two boys and am currently pregnant and hoping for a Baby Girl



Same for me. It just kept going in circles. I have a boy and I am pregnant with a girl. 

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17-Apr-08 12:53 pm

 Mine went back and forth for like 10 seconds and kept swinging in violent circles for like 2 minutes!!!

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17-Apr-08 2:47 pm

And how does it show miscarriage?...

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17-Apr-08 3:56 pm

okk...WOW...i just tried the ring test... it IS spooky!......for me it went, boy-girl-boy-girl-boy!...and then it just stopped and suddenly my peice of hair broke!.....WOW.....eventhough 5 is quite a number for me to think abt now, it WAS TRUE for the 2  kids i already have!..AMAZING!

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17-Apr-08 11:20 pm

My MIL and SIL found it works with DH's if the hand is palm down.  I guess apparantley they found that way you can do it with your children to see how many and what gender they may have. 

Let's see mine goes boy-girl-boy-boy-girl-girl then the hair broke (isn't that weird?).  I had a miscarriage a year before DS2 was conceived and felt that it was possibly a girl. 

I'm going to try again to see if the hair breaks in the same spot...

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18-Apr-08 1:52 pm
I have tried this with a needle and thread over my left palm and had the same results as the hair and ring. Now I hope it is not just wishful thinking but i got boy, boy, girl, girl.

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19-Apr-08 7:54 am

Well it is right for me so far boy-boy-boy-girl (hopefully this pregancy)then if we were to continue to have more it would have been another boy then a girl definatly stopping at 41 Maybe this really is our girl! LOL not going to put much faith in it1


All the other ring and needle test have said girl this time too! I'll know in july


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19-Apr-08 5:50 pm

Hi, I tried and mine took over a minute for it to change rather than 30 seconds and it never came to a stop, so I donno...

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21-Apr-08 4:44 pm

I don't think it counts m/c's.  I heard that unless the baby was born near full term it doesn't count m/c's.  I didn't count mine, or it is incorrect, which many of these things are.  Nice to be hopeful though.


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27-Apr-08 2:37 pm

well just tried it and it went back n forth 3 times which is my 3 boys I have already had and for my 4th it circled. Hope its true and I am gonna have a little girl even though  on my scan pictures posted more people had predicted boy again for me. Good Luck CloverBaby Bear Girl

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